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Gay-Straight Alliance

It's early in the morning, and MJ's conquest had ended. Landon points out that TB is making herself comfortable in MJ's bed, so MJ (with a lip full of what looks like chewing tobacco) asks how she's planning to get home. TB burrows further under the covers and guesses that she's taking a cab. TB screams and giggles at her predicament. Sarah walks in and asks TB to be quiet. TB asks loudly if she's waking everyone, and laughs that everyone hates her. Wow, MJ could not have made a worse choice here. Sarah interviews that "it's so funny to see these girls when they come into the house and the way that they act," and Sarah doesn't think she'd put herself in that position. Well, she's kind of already been in TB's position, except her Walk of Shame was back to her room instead of out the door. You'd think someone as allegedly open about sex as Sarah would be a little less judgmental.

TB whines that she doesn't have any money to get home. MJ goes through his pants pockets and can't find any money, so he asks Landon for a loan. Landon asks how much she needs. TB says that she needs to get to New Jersey. Damn! I know it's not that far from Philly, but it's still a completely different state. Landon pulls out a one-dollar bill and says that should do it. Landon reveals that the dollar is all the money he has. MJ shushes everyone. TB whines and asks what she should do. Honey, if you're grown-up enough to have sex on national television, you're grown-up enough to find your own way home.

TB follows MJ around the house while he looks for his wallet. She asks him for a pen so that she can leave her phone number. I hope she's just saying that because it seems like the thing to say, and not because she actually thinks he'll call. She writes down her number with a Sharpie and promises MJ that she'll be okay. MJ interviews that he doesn't treat girls badly and that he's a Southern gentleman. Cut to MJ showing TB to the door and almost refusing to step outside and help her hail a cab. Can't they just call for one? MJ finally flags one down, and he and TB kiss goodbye before TB gets in the cab and leaves. MJ heads straight to bed.

The next day, Willie asks Sarah whether she met "the skanky blonde" last night. Sarah didn't. Willie is sad that he missed meeting her. Sarah says she felt bad for TB, and that TB was "very challenged, mentally." Sarah interviews that TB was "a bad bottle blonde," and that it's sad to see someone embarrass herself like that. I feel the same way each Tuesday night at 10 PM. Willie whines that he missed the whole thing, and asks if TB already left. Sarah says that those kinds of girls don't get to spend the night. Willie interviews that he's "so upset," and "next time [he'll] be in the front with a big bag of popcorn." I'm with Willie. No judgment. Just pure voyeuristic and almost anthropological interest.

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