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Gay-Straight Alliance

Sarah finds TB's phone number, and Willie asks if he's "the only one who didn't meet the skank." I'm not a fan of the "skank" label, because it's usually shorthand for "woman who doesn't meet my Puritanical sexual standards," so it's kind of bugging me that Willie keeps using it. It's a loaded word, is all I'm saying. MJ overhears the whole thing (which he couldn't help doing since Willie was yelling it) and says that half the house thought TB was pretty, and half didn't. Sarah says she wouldn't say "good-looking," but TB was "the cute girl that guys look at after they've had a couple." Sounds like Sarah has experience in that area. MJ says it was 4 AM, and Sarah says it's fine because "that's what they're for." And Sarah is a virgin.

Willie, Sarah, and Mel drive somewhere. Sarah asks if she should call that gay guy. Willie and Mel are noncommittal. Mel thinks Sarah just wants to make out. Sarah agrees, but she wants to talk to Willie's friends first and find out Jason's deal.

Sarah is at the hair salon, getting highlights, which is kind of ironic since she just told us how much she hates people with fake hair color. The guy doing her hair is Willie's friend Diana, who also knows Jason. Diana thinks Jason is a nice schoolteacher, but that he's definitely gay. I hope his school district knows that he's gay. They do now. Not that it should matter, but in some districts, it kind of does. Sarah respects homosexuality, but she's attracted to Jason. Sarah interviews that she doesn't want to push Jason into being with her if he doesn't want it, but she wouldn't pursue it if he wasn't giving her signals. Sarah checks out her hair, which she loves. The highlights are nice, but her bangs seriously have to go.

MJ talks to Landon about how Ashley will handle seeing him hook up with other girls. MJ told his dad that he knows now that his relationship with Ashley is best for him. MJ adds that he's not doing anything wrong, but he feels guilty. Landon says it's only a few more months, and that MJ should just enjoy his freedom while he can. MJ thinks he can go out and flirt and even kiss people, but that it should end there. He thinks that bringing women home is not fun. Landon suggests that MJ be more selective, and they both crack up.

Jason and Sarah meet at Starbucks. Jason asks why Sarah called him. Sarah says that she's always had gay friends and never tried to hit on any of them. Jason says he's always felt like he didn't fit in. Sarah says that she was instantly attracted to Jason, and that she'd like to be his friend, but that she'd also like to be more. Jason says that he doesn't want to seem inhibited. Sarah interviews that she knew it was a bad idea, but that she'd like to say she conquered a gay man. The whole idea that gay men would like women if only they were able to have the best pussy is so insulting. First, it implies that people are gay completely by choice, and second, it implies that Sarah has the best pussy. I don't think either is true.

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