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Gay-Straight Alliance

MJ calls Ashley and tells her that the past week has been a revelation, and that he realizes that Ashley means more to him than anything else. Ashley figures out what he means. MJ interviews that he's realized that Ashley is the one for him. Yeah, we get it. For, like, the third time now. Ashley says that she really misses MJ, and MJ asks her to stay strong for him and he promises to do the same.

Sarah and Jason go to a club. Sarah looks a lot better with her bangs pulled back. She says that she's cool with whatever decision he makes about their relationship. Jason doesn't want to lead her on. Sarah promises to be his friend no matter what, and Jason says that he'd like to be more than friends. Sarah interviews that she felt like she had a shot. Sarah and Jason grind and make out on the dance floor, and then leave together.

Sarah interviews that she "love love love love loves the unattainable." Didn't we already see that quote in reference to MJ? Sarah and Jason arrive at the house and make a little nest of pillows. They start cuddling and Jason checks out a nearby book, which is The Diary of Anne Frank. Sexy! Nothing like the Holocaust to put you in the mood. Sarah and Jason start making out under the blankets, and someone is going down on someone else, but it's not clear who was giving and who was receiving. Sarah interviews that Jason is a guy, but that it wasn't right, and it felt odd. She adds that she's never had a problem with a man not wanting her. Jason cuddles up to Sarah and she gives a frustrated sigh and turns away. Later, she shows him to the door.

Willie and Sarah go to a coffee shop and discuss Jason. Willie asks how they left things, and Sarah says, "I don't know. Naked?" Sarah interviews that she gets "into a lot of weirdo crazy drama situations on purpose," but that this tops them all. At least she's self-aware. Sarah says that she can't date Jason, and that she thinks he was relieved to find that out. Sarah says that she and Jason have an attraction, but that she thinks he would prefer to be with a man, sexually. Willie asks if she felt like a lesbian, and giggles. Sarah says that she did, slightly. Sarah says that it didn't feel right, because Jason was confused. Willie asks if it was awkward or hot. Sarah says it was both, and that "his penis was confused." In other words, he couldn't maintain a boner. Willie adds that it was "an up and down situation," and Sarah says she's never been in contact with a confused penis before, and couldn't deal. They both crack up.

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