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Dusk. Bird. Sunset. Clouds. Street. Birds. Hotel. The kids all get ready to go out. John camera-frats that the seven of them are a bit bored by the same nightlife, so being in West whatever gives them a chance to whatever.

Night. Tree. Cars. Clock. The kids walk, all dressed up. Terrible dance club. Everyone dances, and drinks, and talks to random people. We meet Alex, who the Graphic of Stupid says is "Paula's friend," so while we're supposed to think this is some dude she's trying to mack on, I think it's just a guy they know from Key West. Anyway, they show him calling Paula cute, clearly out of context, to try to push this point. More dancing. Tyler and Janelle sit together. Janelle tells Tyler that some guy "Bobby" is staring at Tyler. Tyler goes up and starts talking to the chubby Bobby, who looks to be about forty. They flirt and talk. Then drunk John takes notice of the love connection, and actually goes up to them and says, "Uh oh! Tyler met a nice young female." Wrong on two of those words. And also, incredibly obnoxious. Tyler thinks so too: he camera-talks that John is being offensive and inflammatory and always makes lot of gay jokes. The Guitar Rock of Impending Conflict wails, as John drinks more, and yells, "Stop fucking staring at me!" to the angry Tyler. So then the cameramen, because it's not like they don't only have one fucking job here, miss Tyler throwing a drink (pink champagne, it looks like) at John, and John throwing one back. Suddenly, they're both wet, and Tyler is pointing a finger, and John is mad. Tyler camera-talks that he's happy he did it, because now John realizes that he's crossed the line. Tyler goes on to say that he left the bar because he thought it could get physical, and he doesn't like violence. I also think having guys get their faces caved in on two subsequent seasons would be a little much.

Tyler leaves. He walks home, shirt very wet. Hotel. Commercials.

MARRIOTT! Wind. Trees. The kids drunkenly get off the elevator and wake up the whole floor. Janelle and Tyler wrestle. Jose and Zach listen to a shirtless and eyelinered Tyler in one of the suite's rooms, bitching that John uses the word "fag" a lot. What makes Tyler mad is that he lets John get away with it. Tyler then camera-talks that he didn't set any limits on gay jokes in the house because he didn't want to be seen as the overly-sensitive gay guy, but when the word "fag" is used, it crosses the line. Tyler reached the breaking point tonight, though. Zach says that he has Tyler's back. Tyler says thathe loves John, "but the kid's stupid sometimes." Then a drunken John weaves into the room, and tells Tyler that if he has a problem, he should talk to John about it. Tyler says that he's mad at himself, and that they'll talk tomorrow. This is fine with John, who looks like I feel right now.

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