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Girl Fight

Julie and Musical Matt are discussing music. Julie says that she bought an amp, but she doesn't like it. Musical Matt points out that she's afraid of being loud because it means that more people will hear her. Ooh, he's all psychological and shit. In an interview, Julie says that she's not worried that she'll suck or that people won't like her sound, but performing is kind of like throwing yourself out there naked. Maybe she should get some tips on it from Melissa, then. Julie and Musical Matt talk about performing some more, and I'm already really bored with this storyline.

Julie calls Neutral Ground and says that she might want to do a few songs instead of a whole set, and they are fine with that. In a confessional, Julie says that playing guitar is a gift she has, and there's no reason not to share it. I've seen her play, and I don't know if I would call it a gift, exactly. In an interview, Julie says that people use music in different ways, and she uses it as therapy. She learned to play guitar in high school because it was bad time in her life, so now the "instrument encompasses all the ugliness and bad times she's been through." To take all that and put it on public display makes her uncomfortable. Ugh, will this ever end? I feel like I've been writing about Julie and her stupid guitar forever! Why does Stee get to recap the hilarious Road Rules crossover episode, and I'm stuck with this crap? Why?

Julie and Danny are at Neutral Ground. Danny asks Julie if she's going to play. Julie says she doesn't think so, because she's too nervous. I swear, if she doesn't get up on that stage in the next five minutes, I'm going to find her wherever she is these days and strangle her. In an interview, Danny says that Julie was trying to get rid of him because she didn't want him to hear her play, but he wants to hear it. Glutton for punishment, that Danny. Julie says she might play. Suddenly, she is up on stage (Hallelujah!) and singing. I don't recognize the song, so maybe it's one of her own creation. Because I'm detail oriented (I'm a Virgo!), I have transcribed the song here for you, along with my commentary:

He comes like a river and he leaves (Um, ew? Is this a pornographic song?)
Like a crying summer storm (I think she said quiet, but the captioning says "crying." Neither really makes sense)
Against my window, I press my hand
And watch him walk away, away. (Okay, so that wasn't so bad. Evocative, even, if a bit too Lifetime: Television For Women, as well as a bit awkwardly phrased.)

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