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Girl Fight

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Girl Fight

Apparently, the show isn't on next week. Oh, they couldn't have skipped this week. It was my birthday, and they just couldn't do it. Bastards. Anyway, in two weeks, Julie's parents come to visit, and she tries to shock them. Her dad isn't happy. Danny isn't happy, because Julie's parents appear to be less than tolerant of the gays.

Over the credits, Julie talks to David. Remember David? The lumpy one? Who got his ass beat by Laterrian on Road Rules this week? Yeah, him. Anyway, Julie asks David to help her with her "game." Then she lists off about a million things she requires of a potential mate. What is she, Kameelah? Julie finishes by saying that "good things come to those who...keep their pants on." David retorts, "Good things come to those who take their pants off." Oh, okay. Heh.

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