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God Tells Sharon To Shut Up…Again

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God Tells Sharon To Shut Up...Again

It's time for Sharon to check out of the hospital. She packs her things and moves back into Attention Deficit Manor. In voice-overs, Neil and Mike explain that Sharon was acting "different" after she left the hospital, as shots of Sharon acting uncharacteristically sassy are shown to illustrate said difference. "She seems a bit more cynical," says Neil in a confessional. Mike enters the kitchen and finds Sharon doing dishes; he makes a comment about what a rare sight that is. "Could someone please come up with an original joke, please?" says Sharon. Later on she corrects Lars's manners. "Usually she just sits and takes it," says Mike in an interview. "But now she gives it out." In a confessional, Sharon admits that she's become "hard" after all she's been through. "I can honestly say now that I really have some real friends here," says Sharon in the confessional. Then we see her cheekily pulling down Jacinda's skirt in the kitchen. So the lesson learned this week is this: if you are annoying and inconsiderate and pissing off all of your friends, get really sick and they'll feel so sorry for you that they'll be your friends again. The end.

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