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Going to a Go-Go

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Going to a Go-Go

Then there's some thunder and lightning because Alton is mad! He's so mad that he gets out of bed and drunkenly starts kicking things. In a confessional, Steven says that he doesn't know what's going on with Alton. Steven gets Alton to go back to bed. Alton lies there sobbing, and Steven gives him a couple of pats on the shoulder. I seriously expected Steven to get in bed with Alton and hold him. I just got that vibe.

The next morning, there's more thunder and lightning. In an interview, Alton says that he respected Melissa and he didn't get respect back. Alton tells Irulan that the big difference between what he and Melissa did is this: Melissa didn't sleep with Alton after he hooked up with Machela. Alton slept with Melissa after she cheated on him, and we already know that they didn’t use condoms due to the pregnancy scare. Alton, homey, get tested. In an interview, Irulan says that Alton is dealing with "his own male ego" and "trust issues." Irulan proclaims that when Alton least expects it, someone else will come along that will erase all of the bad feelings about Melissa. In an interview, Irulan says that she thinks Alton listens to her, and that she hopes it helps. In an interview, Alton says that Irulan's friendship means a lot to him. Wow, it's almost like they are foreshadowing a hookup between those two.

Next week: Alton walks around naked. Irulan says that she's really far away from her boyfriend and she's horny. Irulan and Alton make out and Irulan suggests to Frank that he leave the room. Alton asks Irulan if she's going to tell her boyfriend. Nothing creates drama like a hookup between roommates! Or, in the case of this season, another hookup between roommates.

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