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Good Night, Irene

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Good Night, Irene

Another Space Needle shot, but this time it's at night. Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice, since it looks different at night. Irene, Nathan, and Janet are having a conversation outside the house. Irene says she just wants someone who makes her laugh. Janet says that laughing in bed together is "the best." Um, Janet? Your parents are going to see this, you know. It's not like Irene made a really sexual comment and then Janet followed suit. I think she's been hanging around with Lindsay too much. Irene says that you can be romantic with anyone but it's rare that you laugh with someone. Nathan interrupts to say that Stephanie can party with the best of them, and she gets nuts. Wha? Who was talking about partying? Weren't they talking about making someone laugh? Nathan claims that he and Stephanie partied their collective ass off, like rock stars. Irene and Janet look suitably impressed. Really? Like rock stars? Are we talking like Superdeluxe rock stars or like Led Zeppelin rock stars? In an interview, Nathan says that he's starting to realize that he misses Stephanie. Nathan tells the girls that he is really close with Stephanie's family. Irene says that is awesome but "it makes it hard." Nathan says it is hard because you become "locked into the situation" and Irene agrees that he is "locked." Nathan says he doesn't think of it that way, and that the day he does, he'll know it's over. I think they get sick of listening to Nathan go on and on about Stephanie, because Irene reminds Janet that she wanted to buy cigarettes, like Janet needs reminding, and they take off. Nathan is left alone on the pier, sitting on the ground and possibly crying, although it's hard to tell. In a voice-over, Nathan says he loves Stephanie with all his heart and it's been tough the last couple of days. Nathan, it's been tough your whole sad life.

Nathan is (sigh) on the phone with Stephanie, crying. Stephanie tells him that they'll get through it. Nathan says he just wants to hold her hand, and that he doesn't have any affection in his life right now, and he needs it. Maybe he could snuggle up with David one of these nights? Stephanie says she knows. Nathan says he's "thinking for the worst tonight," whatever that means. In an interview, Nathan says that if they don't make it through this five months, it will be a lesson to him, and he'd rather learn it now than six years down the road after they're married.

Irene is giving Nathan a back rub in his bed. Doesn't that count as affection? She asks about the phone call to Stephanie. Dude, which one? It looks like he made about ten in that one day. Nathan says that Stephanie was out with her friends and she had a great conversation about him, and she misses him. Irene says that of course she misses him. Nathan jokes that he thinks she knows he was upset, considering that he was bawling on the phone to her. Of course, we don't even know that he was referring to the phone call we just saw, but I have to make these kinds of assumptions or I'll go mad. In an interview, Irene says that Nathan has "awesome qualities" and that he "needs to be independent Nathan right now." I enjoy the comparison between loser Nathan and loser George Costanza quite a bit. I also agree that Nathan and Stephanie could use a little distance. They seem really, really dependent on one another. Irene goes into her bedroom and Nathan calls out, "Good night, jackass!" Irene responds, "Good night, loser!" I'm sure the other roommates appreciate them yelling to one another while they're all trying to sleep.

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