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Good Night, Irene

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Good Night, Irene

Aubbie is talking to the gang at the radio station. She says she's not mad about the doorjamb because stuff happens. Who would be mad about a doorjamb? Well, I guess Glenn would. Nathan says that there were other people carrying equipment, implying that maybe they weren't the ones who did it. Dude, don't make the producers break the fourth wall and bust out the footage. They're going to have to do it later this season, anyway. Aubbie prevents that from happening now when she explains that Glenn saw one of them jamming equipment through the door, but he didn't say who it was, and it doesn't matter. If he saw them doing it, why didn't he tell them to stop? This whole subplot is so stupid. Aubbie says they will all go back and fix it. She starts to leave and Rebecca and Lindsay call out to her. They start explaining that they may have been the ones who caused the damage, but they're not sure. Stephen walks up and says they will all go back and fix it together and have fun. Aubbie agrees that they will make it fun. How many people does it take to fix a doorjamb?

Irene and Janet are in Irene's room. Irene says that it takes a "unique type of guy" to handle her. Janet asks if she just sees boyfriends as boy toys, which must refer back to something said earlier. I really think this is from one of the first days in the house, because I think Irene has the same outfit on as the scene where she showed Janet the photos of her colon, and she seems to be unpacking. Anyway, Irene says she's had a lot of close guy friends, but she's never had someone to whom she considered herself attached. Janet postulates that Irene didn't let herself get attached. Thanks, Janet Freud. Do you bill by the hour? Irene agrees. Janet asks if she's ever been in a situation where someone's hello or smile makes her day. Janet seems really overly concerned with Irene's romantic history. Irene says she has had that, but she feels she has been more "mentally intimate" with guys than their girlfriends have. I can relate, since I was usually the "just one of the guys" girl, and all my guy friends came to me for advice about their stupid girlfriends. But I'm not bitter. Janet says that the "ups and downs of love" are exciting. Irene just keeps folding clothes.

Irene, Nathan and Lindsay are out at a bar. Irene says something about Nathan's not planning on "getting into a major relationship." Nathan says he is already in one. Irene notes that he and Stephanie have been together a long time. Nathan says that maybe they shouldn't be together while he's not there because he can't control what happens. Lindsay looks really bored. Irene says that he shouldn't have to control somebody. Nathan says he's not trying to control Stephanie. Irene clarifies that she meant he shouldn't feel like he has to control her. True, that. He should trust her enough to be able to handle herself when he's not around. Nathan says that maybe they met too young, but he still sees himself married to her. Lindsay wakes up and says that he sees a future with her. Nathan says he does, but he needs to get shit out of his system (i.e. have sex with a few other women) first. Don't worry, Nate, that will happen later this season. Just be patient. In an interview, Irene says that Nathan is "under an awful lot of pressure." Yeah, from her! She's totally trying to influence him to break up with Stephanie. Not that I think he shouldn't break up with Stephanie, but let's be honest, here. In an interview, Nathan says he doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize their relationship. In case we don't get it, they show Irene gazing at Nathan and then he tries to grab a pen out of her hand, but they make it out like he was trying to hold her hand or something. Oh, for crying out loud.

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