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Good Night, Irene

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Good Night, Irene

Back to the lame subplot. Rebecca, Lindsay and Janet are walking down the street. Rebecca asks why no one else is with them, and Lindsay says they all blew it off. In an interview, Janet reminds us that at first, everyone made a big deal out of the teamwork aspect of the doorjamb fiasco, but it ended up being just her, Rebecca and Lindsay. They arrive at the studio and Glenn asks where the others are. Lindsay mumbles some excuse. In an interview, Janet says she thinks Glenn was disappointed when he saw the three of them because he wanted to teach them a group lesson. Glenn makes a big production out of asking them if they know how to paint and stuff. He's bugging me. Janet says they'll do the best they can. Lindsay and Janet decide that if they get this done, they're going to celebrate by buying an ice cream cone. For God's sack, it's not like they have to move a piano, or paint a whole house. Janet starts sanding with a power sander, but it's not working. In an interview, Janet says they had no idea what they were doing, as if we can't see that for ourselves. Lindsay comments that the sander is like a "little vibrator." Um, ouch? I mean, she can do whatever she's got to do, but sandpaper? They start putting spackle on the door with their fingers, which doesn't seem like the most efficient means of delivery, and one of them comments that "this spackle stuff sucks." Rebecca tries to open one of the paint cans with very little success. Some guy, who looks like Jason Lee crossed with Matt Dillon's character from Singles walks in and observes, and starts giving them advice. In an interview, Janet says that he's a contractor. How many interviews did Janet do this week? I feel like every other sentence of this recap starts with, "In an interview, Janet says...". Janet asks the contractor to help. He makes fun of them a little about not being able to get the lid off the paint can and Rebecca says, "You don't even know, chief." I'm going to start calling people "chief," I think. The contractor points that they tried to punch a hole in the paint can lid, as if it were a can of Hi-C. He checks out the "damage" to the door, and I suspect he giggles a little at how minimal it is. Janet begs him to tell them what to do, and he does, and then leaves.

Janet puts tape down one side of the doorjamb and starts painting. She says to Lindsay, "Watch the master," and continues to paint. Lindsay is impressed at first, but then points out that Janet is getting green paint on the white part of the door. Janet realizes she forgot to tape the other side of the door. Yeah, she's a smartie. I mean, I'm no Bob Vila, but I think I would be able to figure out that I need to tape the parts where I don't want paint. Then it gets worse, because they try to put tape on while the paint is still wet. What a disaster. They must get it straightened out because Rebecca is painting something else. The contractor returns and says that they did a "fabulous job." Janet think he is patronizing them, but he says he's serious. Glenn is hovering in the background, and he finally comes over and checks out their job. He says it looks great and sends them all off with a handshake. The women leave without bothering to clean anything up, and there's newspaper and paint cans all over. I hope Aubbie doesn't make them go back and clean that up! In an interview, Janet (surprise!) says that they tried their best, and that's all they can say.

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