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Good Night, Irene

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Good Night, Irene

Nathan is, once again, on the phone with Stephanie. I swear, all he does this season is talk on the phone to Stephanie and get drunk. Stephanie asks Nathan if he's going out. Well, if he's not on the phone with you, he must be going out. Isn't that what I just said? Nathan says that he's just doing what she did. Then there's a really boring argument between them, like there's any other kind. But it's just tiring, and I don't feel like recapping it. David is sitting next to Nathan and starts laughing at it. In an interview, Irene says that she heard Nathan on the phone and was like, "My God." Yeah, I feel you. Nathan argues some more. David looks at Stephen and says dramatically, "Life with your lady gets hectic." Stephen says he's glad he doesn't have to deal with that stress, seeing how he doesn't date women. Well, he didn't say the last part but he probably should have and saved us all the trouble later on this season. Nathan makes a gesture as if he were holding a gun to his head, and tells Stephanie that maybe they shouldn't be together. Oh God, they're that couple. The one that threatens to break up every five minutes. The girl says, "You won't go to the store and buy milk? Well, maybe we should just break up, then." The guy says, "You didn't vacuum yesterday? Well, maybe we weren't meant to be." We all know a couple like that. Then the girl calls you crying and says that they broke up, and you spend all this time consoling her, and the next day they are back together. It gets old after about two times. Oh wait, there's an episode of Real World on? Where was I? In an interview, Irene says that Nathan will have regrets in a few years if he doesn't "take control of the situation." But wasn't she telling him earlier that he shouldn't have to feel like he needs to be in control? I'm so confused. I need some Space Needle to ground me. Nathan tries to get off the phone, but they do that thing where neither one wants to hang up first because then the other will be resentful. Nathan's all, "I've got to go out, everyone is waiting for me." Stephanie's all, "You're always going somewhere and you never have time to talk to me." Nathan is all, "I've got to go!" and Stephanie says, "Sorry to inconvenience your life." That was actually a pretty good line. She hangs up the phone and Nathan sits there listening to a dial tone. Ooh, burn! He drops the phone and says he can't believe it. Irene asks him what happened. Nathan says it wasn't like this between them before he came to Seattle. Janet comes by with her Marlboro Lights and says they need to get going.

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