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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance

Annoying packs. The song playing is about being "strong enough to not be afraid of what anybody thinks or what anybody says." Annoying goes outside and we see a black-and-white flashback of her conversation with Ruthie from last week. Ruthie tells Annoying not to worry about what others think and to take care of herself. Annoying says that she wishes she could stand up for herself. Back in the now, Annoying asks Tetanus Girl if she can talk to her and Tetanus Girl says she's about to leave and tries to blow Annoying off. Annoying persists and Tetanus Girl says they can talk while she gets dressed. Here is what Annoying says: "I'm gonna say this because I don't think I can live with myself if I don't say something before I go. I am here to officially stand up for Amaya. It's hypocritical that I am told to look within myself when I think that there's a lot of people who should be looking within themselves here, and I feel like this is bullshit." Tetanus Girl says, "What?" in a really bitchy way. Annoying continues, "I feel like I've been put through a lot of bullshit." Tetanus Girl says, "For nothing?" Annoying says, "No. I admit wrongdoing. I am not claiming innocence but if I'm not innocent, no one is innocent. I think this is like a huge, huge bit of hypocrisy." Tetanus Girl says frostily, "What. Exactly. Do you want?" Annoying says, "What I want is just to say this," which is a bit of lame ending to the conversation.

In a confessional, Annoying says that she is glad she told Tetanus Girl what she thinks, and she feels really strong. She tells Tetanus Girl, "I like myself so much more right now than I have since I've been here." Okay, Annoying has to learn the art of the last word. When you tell someone off, you have to plan a dramatic last phrase and then stomp on out of there, not rehash how you feel right now. Tetanus Girl tells her Annoying feels good because of the "whole self-evaluation process." In a confessional, Annoying says, "Kaia acts like she's responsible for my strength. Well, guess what, Kaia? I didn't get strength from you. I got it from the place I last expected. I got my strength from Ruthie. So take THAT," and she flips her off. That would have been better if (a) she had said she got her strength from herself, and (b) she had actually said it to Tetanus Girl's face, and not to the camera. Annoying leaves Tetanus Girl's room and pumps her fist in the air while the band sings, "I walk alone."

Teck and Colin go surfing. They both kind of stink at it. Teck looks like Jack Skellington in a wetsuit. Teck says that having been in Hawaii was the best experience of his life. It's kind of nice to see at least one of the cast members realizing how great they have it. Ruthie and Annoying admire the sunset. Tetanus Girl walks out and they both ignore her. Annoying makes a muscle pose for Ruthie's camera and says, "This is how I leave."

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