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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance

Ruthie asks Wonder Bread what is going on with Tetanus Girl, who struts across the lawn like a show pony. Wonder Bread says she's been avoiding him because she knows he wants to tell her he's not interested. Tetanus Girl climbs up on the roof and then sits up there with Colin, eating some sort of nuts. She throws her shells at Wonder Bread, and looks just like a sad gorilla in the zoo. Colin tells us in a confessional, "There's going to be no sex between Matt and Kaia. Sorry folks, no sex between Matt and Kaia. That is also something I would never want to see or walk in on." You and me both, brother.

Annoying wakes up Colin and he pulls her into the bed with him, which is kind of cute, but I'm probably just giddy with delight that I'm in the home stretch. Ruthie is having her morning smoke outside. Annoying tells us that she will miss things here, but that it's good to be going home. They all pack. Ruthie does her best Eleanor Roosevelt impression in a confessional, when she basically tells Annoying that no one can make her feel inferior without her consent. Except she uses a lot more words than that. Everyone gets on a bus to go to the airport. Malo shows up at the airport to say goodbye to Ruthie. They hug for a while. Annoying and Wonder Bread are carrying skateboards. Why? Ruthie has some black-and-white flashbacks while she tells us she learned a lot, both good and bad, and that the experience was a blessing.

Annoying is the first to go. In a confessional, Annoying tells us that she came here wanting to challenge herself, and that she challenged herself. They show her challenging herself by crying, making change and skydiving. She says that she would do it again if she could, which is a good thing since she's going to be on the next Real World / Road Rules challenge. Annoying hugs Colin goodbye. Colin tells us that Annoying is a good person and that he'll cherish their time together, and that he wouldn't change anything. Colin really likes the word "cherish." In a confessional, Annoying says, "Colin, you are very important to me and I care about you very much." Tetanus Girl tells Annoying to take care, but they do not hug. Annoying clomps on down the hallway in her platform sandals and leaves.

Next up are Colin and Wonder Bread. Colin tells us that he went from "reject to cast member to a person who learned a lot about himself." They show a little black-and-white clip for each thing Colin was this season, and I laugh at how bad his hair was when he was a reject. Wonder Bread hugs Ruthie and says in a voice-over, "I love Ruthie as though she were my true sister, and we have been through hell and back." Wonder Bread hugs Tetanus Girl. Tetanus Girl tells us that she is attracted to Wonder Bread beyond friendship, but that friendship will suffice and she's going to visit him in L.A. Colin and Tetanus Girl hug. Colin and Wonder Bread board their plane.

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