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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance

Ruthie does some calculus and notes that the group is getting smaller. Tetanus Girl pushes Teck on a baggage cart. Ruthie's plane leaves next, so Teck takes a picture of the three of them. Tetanus Girl is nervous that Ruthie's departure might not be all about her, so she says, "Tell your sister I said 'congratulations.'" What an asshole. Ruthie leaves.

Teck tells us he loves all his roommates, but that he and Tetanus Girl have a brother-sister relationship. As he leaves, he babbles about color and souls and rainbows. The plane flies off into a rainbow. No, really, they were that cheesy with the editing. I worry that we still have to see Tetanus Girl leave but the end credits start. Hooray!

Over the credits, Teck sings a little song about his roommates that was kind of funny, but I think he had it written out and was using flash cards because he kept looking off to the side.

I am outta here.

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