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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance

Colin says that Annoying needs to "see herself," a phrase he stole from Tetanus Girl. He doesn't think that she can accomplish that in the four days they have left in Hawaii. In a confessional, Ruthie says that she won't go along with her roommates in ganging up on Annoying because it's not fair. Colin says that everyone has things to change. Ruthie says that not everyone recognizes that fact. In a confessional, Annoying wonders where she has gone wrong, and whether she is a horrible person. On the phone, Pam tells her not to worry about it because, given that she will only be there a few more days, it's not worth it. Annoying wishes things weren't ending on such a down note.

The gang has a group meeting at Local Motion to discuss their final promotion. They decide to put on a No Talent Show. At least that's what I assume it's called after seeing the actual production. Wonder Bread is wearing his green shirt, of course, as well as sunglasses -- indoors. Teck tells us that they are putting on a final show, and that Wonder Bread is producing and writing it. Well, that should be a stunner. Colin says he can't believe it's over, and that he's both happy and sad. Teck says that their group is creative and talented. I don't know what group he is talking about, unless he is including the crew members who edit these episodes. Even then I would allow "creative" but not "talented." Wonder Bread lists off the skits they have so far: "Dating Game Show," "Former Lover/Hired Killer". I cannot wait to see this. Ruthie says that there is pressure to do a show, and that she hopes people will come to see it.

Wonder Bread is on the phone with Sarah, Ruthie's sister. He tells her that he and Teck are going to dress up as women and "it's over the top. Why is a man dressing as a woman "over the top"? Why does he think that guy + dress = comic gold? ["It's probably for the same reasons Jen Lindley of Dawson's Creek thought that drag queens were phenomenally outrageous." -- Wing Chun] He continues, "I'm gonna walk out there in a mini-skirt with hairy legs and my one muscle (and he looks at his arm to my relief because I was worried about what he might consider his "one muscle"). It's in my left bicep." Wonder Bread reveals, in a confessional, that the first time he saw Sarah he couldn't take his eyes off her because she is beautiful. They show Sarah in a black-and-white flashback. I can't believe no one has called Wonder Bread on the fact that he wanted Ruthie in the first few episodes, and that, when she was clearly unavailable to him, he went for her identical twin! He continues, "Something about her eyes and the way she carries herself is...brilliant." I am guessing that Wonder Bread will be making a loop of this segment and sending the tape to Sarah to combat his near-hookup-with-Tetanus-Girl footage later. Tetanus Girl is sitting on Colin's bed listening to the conversation. Of course, that footage could have been taped weeks ago for all we know. But it's edited to make it look like she is listening in. Sarah mentions a summer road trip, and Wonder Bread tells us in a confessional that they are going on a road trip together once he gets home. Ruthie asks Wonder Bread who he's talking to and he tells her. After he hangs up the phone, Ruthie says she knew he was talking to Sarah. Wonder Bread says he probably talks to her differently, which makes me gag. Ruthie says he has a "twinkle in his eye." Wonder Bread says, "Yes, I do." Oh, yuck. I thought Wonder Bread in hero mode was bad, but Wonder Bread in love is worse.

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