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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance

In a voice-over, Tetanus Girl tells us that she had a dream during their third week there in which she was "intimate with Matt." She says it's funny how your brain tells you it's not possible. Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread are sitting outside, and she asks him how he interpreted something she wrote in his journal. He says she told him not to read it, so he didn't. Tetanus Girl can't believe he didn't read it. In a confessional, Wonder Bread tells us that he has grown very affectionate with Tetanus Girl, but he doesn't know how he feels. Maybe that's because he is a robot and has no feelings. Tetanus Girl tells him she didn't mean he couldn't ever read it, she just meant that he shouldn't read it in front of her. Now she wants to read it because she can't remember what she wrote. For some reason there are, like, three trailer homes in the background. Either they are sitting in the middle of a trailer park, or those are the production trailers. Hmm, why would you go to have a private conversation right outside the production trailers unless you wanted to make sure it got on tape? In a confessional, Tetanus Girl says she didn't think she could be more than friends with Wonder Bread. Back on the lawn, she reads what she wrote in Wonder Bread's journal and laughs, and says, "I let my mind carry myself away sometimes." I hate her.

Tetanus Girl talks to her mom on the phone and tells her she is going to do a scene with Wonder Bread in the No Talent Show. We see a rehearsal for the scene at Local Motion. It's hard to hear what they are saying because Tetanus Girl is wearing really clunky shoes, and clearly she went to the same school of loud walking my upstairs neighbors attended, because her steps drown out the lines. Wonder Bread has on the green shirt, of course. Tetanus Girl tells her mom that Wonder Bread "really has a good made-for-TV-movie mind, which is interesting." Was that supposed to be a compliment? Back at Local Motion, Wonder Bread and Tetanus Girl are joking about a kiss in the scene while Colin and Annoying look on. Tetanus Girl keeps saying her lines in a very stilted way and then says she can't do the kiss. Colin and Annoying tease her about wanting Wonder Bread. Tetanus Girl says she will do the "kiss of death" on Wednesday. I would agree that kissing Tetanus Girl would make most people die, or want to die. Everyone is joking and it's very light-hearted. Annoying says that she needs to see the kiss of death right now. Tetanus Girl says, "I need you to kiss my ass right now" and flips her off. Whoa! That came out of nowhere. Annoying yells out, "It's go time, bitch!" and tackles Tetanus Girl and beats the mess out of her. Well, that didn't happen but it should have. Instead, Annoying looks understandably stunned and everyone is silent. Then there's some dramatic music and we go to commercial.

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