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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance

Teck and Wonder Bread are sitting in the breakfast nook. Teck tells us that they are planning a skit called "Women's Intuition" that is a spoof on The View. There might be two men in the world who know less about women than these two, but you'd be hard-pressed to find them. Wonder Bread says that they can either have more guests or more topics. Teck probably realizes that guests might take the focus off him, so he chooses more topics, and offers up, "Whose Breasts Are You Jealous Of [sic]?" as an option. He tells Wonder Bread, "I want to really stress the fact that I'm freezing my eggs." Boy, this sounds like a hilarious parody already. Wonder Bread says, "Eggs on the rocks?" Ho ho, I am busting a gut over here. Not.

The gang goes to a thrift store to find dresses for Teck and Wonder Bread. Teck tries on a purple velvet dress that only accentuates the fact that he is a skeleton wearing a fright wig. Wonder Bread tries on a blue trapeze dress and dances around like the idiot he is, besides which he is wearing those sunglasses inside again. In case we were worried about Teck's masculinity, he tells us in a confessional that "shopping for women's clothes isn't a hobby or specialty of mine...I'm looking for a dress that says 'Teck.'" Teck is trying to zip Wonder Bread up. Wonder Bread is wearing the dress my friend Brenda wore to the prom in 1990. I swear, it is the same dress. Wonder Bread says, in what I guess is supposed to be a feminine voice, "Am I too big for this dress?" His voice actually sounds like a cross between Mrs. Doubtfire and Martin Lawrence as Shenaynay. Teck says that he is, and Wonder Bread says, "Damn, girl!" and I hate him some more. Then, in case we were still worried about Teck's masculinity -- because, you know, he was wearing a dress and all -- he says, "I'm still a man. Yeah."

Annoying is all alone in Local Motion. She says that she feels alone, and it's strange because she doesn't know what to do. I still feel a little sorry for her, but I would feel more sorry for her if she weren't talking about how alone she is all the time. Wonder Bread asks her if she can go shopping with Pam to get some wigs. Tetanus Girl says, "We need you to help us," and Annoying says, "I need you to kiss my ass," and flips her off. Okay, she didn't do that but she should have. Instead, Annoying says that she doesn't know if she will have time, but that she will try, and then she looks at Wonder Bread with puppy-dog eyes to show him that she really will try. Wonder Bread tells her to forget it, and that they will take care of it. Annoying chases after him to say that she will do it but Wonder Bread continues to walk away from her and ignore her. He is an ass.

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