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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance

Ruthie is on the phone with Sarah. She says that Wonder Bread is in love with Sarah. She revises it by saying, "Actually, he's not in love. He's very intrigued by you." Sarah says he doesn't know her. Ruthie says he wants to get to know her. I'm not sure what that interlude was all about, unless it's supposed to provide a contrast for the next scene.

Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread are hugging in the kitchen, and Tetanus Girl mentions that they are going to rehearse their scene at some point. In a confessional, Wonder Bread says smugly, "I am being pursued by Kaia, no doubt about it," and pops a tiny boner. Tetanus Girl walks up to Wonder Bread in the kitchen and they kiss, and then Wonder Bread laughs. Back in the confessional, Wonder Bread says, "It screws with my mind because I'm not the type of guy to like multiple women." Just when my stomach settles down, they kiss again. I really think that, in this scene, they were rehearsing for the play, because the kisses are very staged, and seem to come out of nowhere. I think Tetanus Girl probably said something about rehearsing the kiss, and so they did. In a confessional, Colin says that he has advice for Matt: "Don't ever date a roommate." Ruthie looks at pictures of Sarah.

Annoying picks out some wigs and pays for them. At lunch with Pam, Annoying says that she's going to enjoy her days in Hawaii and then go home and everything will be back to normal. Again, less talk, more action! Stop talking about enjoying yourself and start actually enjoying yourself. Annoying says that she doesn't like the fact that this affects her so much, and Pam sympathizes with her. I still feel bad for Annoying, but one more scene of her talking about it might put me on the other side.

Everyone is in the van. Wonder Bread and Tetanus Girl are nuzzling each other. Teck says that it's time to rally, so I guess they are on their way to the No Talent Show. Colin asks if everyone called people to come to the show. In a confessional, Colin says that he is a little worried because they never had a full dress rehearsal. At Local Motion, Colin checks the sound. Ruthie and Annoying sit at a table. Annoying says that she's going to miss Colin. Ruthie says that Colin is not mad at Annoying, as much as he is hurt, so he's acting angry to cover the hurt, and it's going to take him a while to get over it.

Colin gives Calvin some directions on sound. The audience arrives. Backstage, Colin gives all the women a good luck kiss. Annoying sits by herself. Wonder Bread comes out to start the show with an improvised introduction. He really should have written something down because he just rambles on and on and then walks offstage.

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