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Good Riddance

Next up is Tetanus Girl, reading her poem "Blue." It is so hilarious that I will reprint it in its entirety:

What is it that attacts me to you?
Oh blue it is finally true.
Not fleeting love which I describe myself to find
In nooks and crannies of life.
A consistent ever growing
To hold you and be held by you.
I never imagined not to look but to find
The ever expanding lust for your touch.

A bright green terry cloth shirt
brightening the room again and again and again

Never ending torrents
When others barely trickle
My feet tingle
A sparkling giggle
Ever widening smiles
Soft flow like tears free to express emotion
Which surrounds others confidently
Oh Blue. It is you.

Where to begin? The fact that she mentioned the Green Shirt? The barely disguised sexual innuendo? The fact that she danced offstage after reading it? I'll just let you all write your own jokes here, because I could go on for a long time. While she is reading, we hear a voice-over from Wonder Bread that says he locked eyes with Tetanus Girl, "and my heart starts racing and I feel touched." Wonder Bread says it's one thing to tell him privately that she loves him, but it's another thing to tell an audience. In a confessional, Colin says, "They're also like the friggin' odd couple. I would never look at Kaia, then look at Matt and go, 'Yeah, they're gonna date.'" Teck says that the thing between Wonder Bread and Tetanus Girl is no surprise to him, and that they should go for it.

Annoying is outside crying some more, but she has to go onstage, so she heads inside. Colin introduces her as "the wonderful and talented, intelligent, Amaya." She sings "In My Life" by the Beatles. I know you probably all think I'm going to make fun of her singing voice, but I actually thought it wasn't half-bad. Honestly, of what we saw, it was probably the best part. I mean, she shouldn't give up her day job or anything, but given that she was sobbing a few minutes earlier, and she sings it a cappella, it's not bad. Well, maybe she should've learned the correct lyrics. The producers take this opportunity to show black-and-white flashbacks of the season. Here is what Annoying sang and what they showed because some of the juxtapositions are funny.

There are places I'll remember
All my life, though some have changed

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