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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance
Some forever, not for better [Annoying singing on stage],
Some have gone [Justin lying in bed]
and some remain [Ruthie rapping]
All these places [Taj Mahal]
lose their meaning [Tetanus Girl] With lovers and friends that came before [Annoying and Colin hug on the beach]
I know I'll often stop and think about them [Annoying and Colin kiss]
In my life I'll love you more.

When she finishes, Colin and Tetanus Girl come up on stage and give her a hug and Colin pretends that he's humping them, which is mature. In a confessional, Ruthie says, "She's got a lot of qualities to be proud of; I don't know if she thinks that. There are so much things [sic] that shouldn't...that should make her not feel insecure [sic]...she's got a lot going for her if she just believed it." Thus begins the Obvious Storyline of Amaya's Growth. You'll get very familiar with it throughout the rest of the episode. Colin thanks the audience and his roommates. Then he says to Annoying, while still onstage, "I just want to say I think you're a beautiful and caring person. I'm always going to cherish the time we spent together." Predictably, Annoying starts crying. It seems really weird that Colin would take time out to say something just to Annoying and he was reading it from a paper in his hand. I think he probably said something individually to each roommate, but that they only showed that one because it fit the storyline. In a confessional, Annoying says it's been a hard week, but maybe Colin knows and remembers who she is. On stage, Teck is wearing a wife-beater and boxer-briefs and I really did NOT need to see that. In a confessional, Wonder Bread says, "We did it. We wanted to make people laugh and we did it." I'm sure people laughed, but probably not how he thinks.

Then there's a really boring part where they tell Calvin what a great boss he was, and give him a gift.

Ruthie has people over and tells them to go skinny-dipping if they want. The producers bust out the pixellator as Ruthie gets naked, but she seems to be the only one who does. Colin asks what is going on and Tetanus Girl says, "How can you desexualize your body so much like that?" I could go through and count how many times Tetanus Girl appeared topless in the first few episodes, including whipping her shirt off while talking to Justin in the very first one, but you all get the point. She's a big flaming hypocrite and a bitch. Colin says that underwear was created to cover you up. Tetanus Girl shudders and says that Ruthie makes her sick, and then, speaking of making people sick, she snuggles up to Wonder Bread. Ruthie jumps off the volcano into the pool and her friends tell her she rocks. Annoying sleeps. Colin packs. Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread rub each other on the bed. Ruthie tells her friends she's going to do a backflip when she graduates and say, "I'm the queen of the world." Then she tells her friends about her part in Wonder Bread's and Sarah's road trip. Back in the house, Tetanus Girl says, "Do you think that if we just went to bed, she would deal with it?" Wonder Bread says, "Ruthie would deal with it?" and Tetanus Girl says "Mmm-hmm," and Wonder Bread says, "Mmm-hmm."

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