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Good Riddance

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Good Riddance

They get into bed together and Tetanus Girl fires up a cigarette. Wonder Bread says, "Kaia says she can have any man. I don't know if that's true, but she has mastered the skill of seduction." As if it would be difficult to seduce Wonder Bread, who hasn't gotten any since, well, probably ever. He continues, "Kaia wants me to have sex with her and that's not on my mind. What is on my mind is telling Kaia as much as she needs to know about Sarah." You know, if sex is not on his mind, why is he getting into bed with her? He could tell her what he needs to and not be in the bed. I think he did a confessional after this incident to do damage control on what Sarah sees. Big fat liar. The whole time these two are talking, they are cuddling and spooning and you can't see their hands, which makes me really nervous. In a confessional, Wonder Bread says, "She tells me over and over again, 'You know me really well and you don't know Sarah very well at all. The choice should be easy.'" Tetanus Girl tells Wonder Bread to do what he wants. Wonder Bread says, "I want to remove my heart and ask it questions." I want to remove his heart, period. In a confessional, Wonder Bread says that Sarah makes him think of lust and passion and long-term relationships. Tetanus Girl makes him think of friendship. Wonder Bread tells Tetanus Girl that he has no commitment to Sarah, and that he has the freedom to do what he wants to do. I totally think that he would have done it, except suddenly Ruthie shows up with a video camera. While they talk to Ruthie, Wonder Bread has something in his hand. At first I thought it was a condom (ew!) but after careful scrutiny, I think it's a piece of paper. He hides it when Ruthie shows up. What was that about? Anyway, Tetanus Girl tells her to get out. Ruthie sings that song about "Put your hands where my eyes can see," and they show her their hands. In a confessional, Ruthie says "Kaia is like a cat. She watches her prey and then she attacks."

The next morning, Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread are asleep in bed together. Wonder Bread is such a bed hog! He is totally lying diagonally across the bed and hogging the covers. Annoying and Colin are both packing. Ruthie and Wonder Bread pack, and Ruthie says she thought Wonder Bread liked her sister. They show a black-and-white clip of the night before where Wonder Bread has his pinky hooked in Tetanus Girl's belt. Yuck. Ruthie tells Wonder Bread that Tetanus Girl just likes him because he is unavailable to her. Wonder Bread agrees that that could be the case. In a confessional, Ruthie repeats that Tetanus Girl just likes Wonder Bread because he's unavailable. We got that the first time, thanks. Ruthie tells Wonder Bread that Tetanus Girl wants what she can't have and totally picks her nose. Pick a winner, Ruthie! In a confessional, Wonder Bread says "Kissing Kaia gives me a felt understanding of just how much I feel for Sarah." Just for old times sake, I'll point out what a stupid saying "felt understanding" is. Wonder Bread says he doesn't want to jeopardize his friendship with Tetanus Girl, and Ruthie tells him to tell her that.

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