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He Said, She Said

Arissa demonstrates where to walk, and where to stop and pose. Frank goes first, and does a good job. Brynn gets some tips from Arissa. In an interview, Arissa says that she thinks Brynn cares about the way people see her, and that, deep down, Brynn is looking for acceptance (attention). Arissa coaches Alton while the other roommates giggle. In an interview, Arissa says that no one was paying attention. Arissa goes over and tells them that they can learn from each other, and should watch. Steven asks whether they look stupid. Yes. Yes, you do. Arissa gets all defensive and asks if they all feel like they know what they're doing. They do.

The night of the show, the roommates get full hair and makeup. Frank says that he needs a tan and something to make him look like he's not dying. In an interview, Frank says that it was easy for him because he realized it would be embarrassing no matter what. Frank asks to wear a really embarrassing outfit. Arissa emphasizes that this is their job.

Marc gives them a really lame pep talk. In an interview, Arissa says she's sure Marc thinks they will screw up. The fashion show begins. Arissa walks out first and looks great. Irulan takes pictures instead of modeling. Trishelle comes out and twirls a tassel on her shirt. Brynn has a huge blonde wig on. In an interview, Alton says that Brynn works the runway with her hair, and her hips, and integrates so much motion. The final run features bathing suits. These roommates do all have model-like figures. The show ends, and they all cheer. Backstage, Alton says that it was a high and a rush. Frank says he's happy no one shot him. The self-deprecation is getting to be a bit much with him. In an interview, Brynn says that the first show opened her eyes and made her want to participate in future shows. As long as she can be the center of attention. The roommates do a champagne toast with Marc.

Next week: Irulan hooks up with Marc, and Alton feels that they both crossed a line. Frank calls Arissa a black bitch, but they showed in the preview episode that he totally said it as a joke. It's not a very funny joke, but he was clearly joking, but it's yet another huge drama.

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