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He Said, She Said

Brynn talks to her friend, Austin, on the phone. Are there no more people in the word with normal names? Brynn explains her doubts about the job, saying that everyone else is excited and has ideas about what they can do, but that she's not feeling it. Again, I get the feeling that she doesn't want to put any effort into it unless she's sure that she'll get a lot of attention from it. In an interview, Brynn says that she can't handle the free-flowing nature of the job, and that she needs a schedule and someone to tell her what time to be there. Welcome to a lifetime of punching a clock, Brynn, unless you learn some self-discipline. Enjoy that minimum wage you'll be making since you can't hack the "demands" of a salaried position. On the phone, Brynn says that their job is like school, with homework. Wait, so you mean they expect her to do actual work in return for the money she gets? The nerve. And wait! She has to be there at 8 AM! Ugh, they act like they're her bosses or something. Oh, wait. They are. Shut up, Brynn. It's called a sense of responsibility, and you might want to look into it.

That night, the roommates go out to Ghost Bar, the bar in the casino. Marc is there as well. In an interview, Brynn says that she likes to go out and party and have fun, which is all well and good. Marc tells Irulan that the business is about having fun, but that if someone sucks, he will suspend him or her. He doesn't think it will happen, but it could, because they have a job to do. In an interview, Brynn says that none of her roommates want to have fun anymore, because they're all about work. Yes, I can see that Steven, in particular, is all about work, as he sits at the bar and downs a beer. And look at Trishelle, working hard. On finishing her drink. Brynn tells some random guy that she just wants to have a good time, and they do a shot together. In an interview, Arissa says that Brynn is a party girl, and that she's starting to take on the "I don't give a fuck" attitude. "Starting to"?

The roommates wake up at 7:12 AM. And the meeting is at 8 AM. Steven says that they only have ten to fifteen minutes to get ready, and jokes that Alton (who has a shaved head) won't have time to do his hair. The roommates get ready and head out the door to their orientation session. There are other new employees in attendance. Oh, dear. The trainer is that woman. You know her. She's a well-preserved fortyish woman who probably shops at Ann Taylor or maybe even Lord & Taylor when she gets the 25% off coupons in the mail and they're having a good sale on suits at the same time. She's single, but she goes on a few dates each month, and her refrigerator is covered in Cathy cartoons and cat magnets. Her favorite movie is Romancing the Stone. She thinks Michael Douglas is sexy, but she's a little upset with him for ditching his wife and hooking up with that Catherine Zeta-Jones. She has had a subscription to People for ten years, and she finds that lately she's been skipping over the celebrity gossip stories and reading the heartwarming human-interest stories instead. She goes to the gym three nights a week, and when she gains ten pounds after the holidays, she just counts her Weight Watchers points for a few weeks until she gets back to her fighting weight. She previously worked in real estate, and sold Mary Kay on the side, but she decided to take this corporate training job for the steady paycheck. She's getting her MBA by taking night classes at UNLV, and she's only got five more semesters to go. She's a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and she's been working on the campaign to convince tourists that Vegas is a family town now. I seriously could write a whole recap just about this woman. She's a lot more interesting to me than any of the roommates.

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