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He Said, She Said

When we return, Irulan is still yelling. In an interview, Frank says that he hates conflict, so he's trying to do everything he can to keep this from becoming a big drama. Good luck with that. Has he ever watched any reality show before, especially this one? They can turn an argument about doing the dishes into World War III. Arissa explains that something that seems innocent is going to affect Dario. Ah, that's what this about. She's afraid that her "romance" with Steven will become a storyline. Frank offers up an insincere apology. Arissa says that there's been enough said and that it just shouldn't happen again. Irulan stomps out.

Frank talks to Steve and admits that he apologized, but that he doesn't feel like he did anything wrong, and in his head he wants to tell them to shut up because nobody cares about a stupid thing. And yes, people from the forums, he definitely said "stupid thing." (There was a big dispute over that.) In an interview, Frank says that Irulan and Arissa are going to be his "two biggest hurdles in terms of getting along with [his] roommates." He is trying not to piss them off. Steven says, "I'm walking on eggshells here, when I'm used to throwing eggs." Frank acts like that's wisdom for the ages, when really, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. In conclusion: whatever, Steven.

The roommates gather at Rain to learn that they will be involved in an event called "Catwalk." Marc says that it's "a fashion-driven, fashion-themed, it's a little abstract, concept." Okay, it's a fashion show. Why make it more complicated? Marc says that they have to work with Jean on a performance, and that they have less than seventy-two hours. In an interview, Trishelle says she doesn't think they can pull it off in that time. That's three days! How hard could it be to put together a fashion show in that time? It's not like they have to go out and find the designers. They just have to figure out who's wearing what, and what order they will walk down the runway. It shouldn't take seventy-two minutes.

Jean explains that they won't be doing a fashion show, but instead that it's a model-inspired theme. In other words, a fashion show. In an interview, Steven says that Arissa took the helm in planning the fashion show. In an interview, Arissa says that she wants it to be "off the hook," and that she needs to teach her roommates how to walk. And while I appreciate that there is an art to walking a runway, it's not like they've going to be debuting the fall lines in Paris. They're going to be walking in front of a bunch of drunk people who are really just checking out their bodies and don't care about the clothes.

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