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Helllooo, Kitty!

Cameran decides that she's going to say something to Brad, and Robin is not a true friend, because she doesn't stop Cameran from making a drunken fool of herself. Also, do you think Cameran has many pairs of white shorts, or does she just wear the same ones all of the time? Because she wears those shorts more than she wears that stupid trucker hat, and that's saying something. Cameran walks outside and sees Brad and Kristen hugging. She peeks out and then runs back inside. Cameran interviews that it's worse because it's happening in her own house. The nerve of that Brad! Cameran runs inside and jumps in bed with Robin. Not like that. Cameran tells Robin what she saw. Robin says that Brad is thinking with his penis, and that Cameran should leave it alone. Cameran says that she doesn't care anymore. Outside, oblivious Brad kisses Kristen.

Kristen and her friends leave. Brad hugs Kristen goodbye. Randy interviews that he and Brad are both being careful with women, and trying to "experience things without really getting involved." The girls walk out, and Randy comments that they were "God-awful," and that he's been "pent up here way too long when those girls start looking good." What was wrong with them? Besides that they were probably just there for the cameras. Shut up, Randy. Brad suggests that they "put a dent in that keg," which I would imagine is already pretty dented. Randy's into it. Brad demands that Jacquese join them.

Brad goes in and orders Cameran to join them. Cameran screams that she's not going to. Brad says that it's "a roommate situation." Brad is like an alcoholic Tony Robbins with the inspirational speeches. Cameran says that she's lost all respect for him, and that he and Randy are disgusting. Brad doesn't get it. Cameran keeps saying that Brad is "a typical boy." Brad thinks that Cameran is "misinterpretating [sic] the situation." Cameran wishes Brad and Randy would think that they were "a little bit better than the trash that [they] had over." Cameran interviews that Brad is "running her around in circles." Who's running in circles? Cameran insists that Brad just wanted a piece of ass, and Brad denies it. Cameran interviews that maybe she's telling herself she doesn't care, but that she really does. Cameran lies back down and says that it doesn't matter, and Brad continues trying to convince her to join them. Finally, Brad gives up and walks out, and Cameran groans, "Oh, my God."

Frankie, Robin, and Jamie go to the mall and eat dinner in the food court. Robin says something about finding the right guy and just knowing. Jamie asks if Robin has ever cheated on anyone. Robin says that she has. Frankie senses that the focus of attention is off herself, so she pipes up and says that she has, and that she's cheated on every boyfriend she's ever had. She amends that to say that she never cheated on her ex-fiancé (she was engaged?), and that she's never cheated on Dave. I guess that depends on your definition of "cheating." Robin says that she did cheat on a serious boyfriend, but that it was "a good cheat." Oh, well that's okay, then. Jamie turns into Ricki Lake and asks what they consider cheating: "Having feelings for another person, kissing, holding hands." Robin isn't sure, but she definitely thinks that having feelings for someone else is cheating. Well, not if you don't act on them, right? I mean, if you have strong feelings for someone else, you should probably break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but if you don't act on those feelings while still in the relationship, you didn't cheat. Not that they asked me.

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