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Higher Level of My Ass

Jamie is making food, as Julie sits at the counter eating. He asks her about saying grace before she eats. Jamie's hair is much longer in this scene that it has been in the rest of the episode, thus furthering my idea that they just did a search for any scene in which Jamie mentioned God, religion, or spirituality and put them together to make this episode. Julie says they don't have memorized prayers in her church, so she generally just asks for blessings for people she loves, or whatever. In an interview, Jamie says that he and Julie can really learn a lot from each other. Jamie says he's going to start praying. Julie says it makes her happy that Jamie will pray. Jamie pours his ramen into a bowl. It's funny because he's using this really nice cooking pan (provided by B/M) to cook ramen noodles. Julie starts talking and Jamie's all, "I'm praying!" Hee! That was funny. Who knew Jamie could be funny? I'm actually starting to (gulp) not hate him this week. Jamie pauses over his meal and then digs in.

Melissa puts on makeup. Matt tells her that her "boy's here." Melissa hurries to finish up, as Matt says he made the guy wait outside, because he does that "to all the guests." Well, not the Road Rules people. Melissa can't believe Matt made her date wait outside. That is kind of rude. Melissa hurries downstairs where she passes some stranger in the hallway. I love how they just show these people who are clearly there visiting one of the roommates, but don't explain who they are or why they are there. In an interview, Melissa says she has never gone a long time without a boyfriend, because she has "deep codependence." Melissa tells the guy she is entering him into her Palm Pilot. The guy is kind of cute. Who the hell is he? They leave Belfort.

Melissa and her unnamed date are sitting at a sidewalk table somewhere. Unnamed Date tells her that he is seeing someone else. Melissa is a little embarrassed and laughs. Unnamed Date didn't want to lie about it, and he wants to be her friend. For all we know, this is their first date. Why did he agree to go out with her if he's seeing someone else? Oh, the cameras. In an interview, Melissa sighs and puts her hand to her forehead. Of course, she could have been lamenting anything, really. Melissa voice-overs that it's unfair and wonders how many times one girl can have her heart broken. As the sad saxophone plays, we see Melissa nodding and Unnamed Date drinking water. Fascinating. Melissa takes out her Palm Pilot and Unnamed Date asks if she's erasing his phone number. Melissa laughs and says that she edited his entry to add that he has a girlfriend. Oh, and his name is Eric. They couldn't have told us that at the beginning of the scene? In an interview, Melissa says that she's "such a dork when it comes to boys." She thinks she should "retire that game for a little while" and work on herself. Melissa bids Eric goodbye.

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