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Higher Level of My Ass

Kelley and Julie are eating at a restaurant, because all these people do is eat in restaurants. Kelley asks what happened the night before and nags Julie about telling her details. Julie says she was being "really flirty" and then she "just kissed him. Whatever." So, I guess Jamie wasn't as good a kisser as he made himself out to be earlier? In an interview, Kelley theorizes that Jamie wants spirituality in his life, and Julie is "the epitome of spirituality in the house," so Jamie gets that from her. Not a bad theory, I guess. I just figured he thought Julie was cute. Kelley asks Julie if she has a crush on Jamie. Julie vehemently denies it. In an interview, Julie says she likes "being friends with [Jamie] and chilling with him" because "he's [her] homie," but she won't be kissing him, because it makes it weird. Did someone replace Julie with Teck? Chilling? Homie? Julie tells Kelley that she is not going to try to make something happen with Jamie, and she's going to be normal. Julie says she thinks Jamie is hot, and that's why she flirts with him. Kelley says she loves "all the dramas in the house." Me too!

Melissa paints at Lionel's house. She tells him she thinks she's "a natural." Her painting is a cute picture of a girl in a purple dress. It is actually good! Who knew? In an interview, Melissa says that maybe to Lionel, teaching her to paint is just a way to let her in on something he's been good at all his life, but to her it's "a quiet way to deal with what's going on in [her] head." Melissa jokes that she knows about "this art stuff" because she's been doing it for "four hours." They laugh.

Some old guy listens to rap music in the park. Julie and Jamie prepare for a skateboarding race. In an interview, Julie says that she and Jamie are "cool." They race. In an interview, Julie says that they can "have a little smoochfest" and it's "not a big deal," and then she jokes that it's "a good way to get to know someone." Then we get a really chopped-up conversation, but basically the gist is that Julie wants to make sure they will still be friends. In an interview, Jamie says that he came into this thinking that Julie was a "naïve, young girl," but she's actually the opposite. Julie tells Jamie that she likes him "as much as she could like a male without making it all sexual." Is that supposed to be a compliment? Jamie tells her the feeling is mutual. I'm actually surprised at how maturely they handled that. The scene ends with them skateboarding down the street, and Jamie is actually pretty good. I mean, he's no Tony Hawk or anything, but he's not bad.

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