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Human Race

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Human Race

Jacquese is still talking to his mom, who says that his roommates don't mean to offend him. Jacquese interviews that his mom is calming him down and telling him the right things to do. Jacquese thanks his mom for listening, and hangs up.

Jacquese goes on Yahoo! and does a search for a definition of "racism." He checks out some other websites. Cameran comes up and pulls Jacquese into her room to talk. Jacquese admits that he's feeling overwhelmed. Cameran interviews that, in her town, it's common to hear "the n-word," and that seeing Jacquese's reaction, she realizes that "it's not something to be taken lightly." She's just realizing that now? Cameran says that Robin is "ridiculously upset," and didn't mean to disrespect Jacquese. Cameran adds that Robin wants to talk to him. Jacquese says that they can pick a place, and all the roommates can talk. Even Frankie and Jamie, who might have drowned in the ocean for all we know?

Hey, Frankie's not dead. I guess she was just sleeping or something. All the roommates gather in the living room. Frankie finds Robin and tells her that she has to join them. Was Robin going to skip it? Jacquese says that they all agreed that they should talk about their problems. He says that he wanted to get past skin color and see each other as human beings, but that this issue is bigger than what happened with Robin. Jacquese says that this is the most attention he's seen since he got there. One of the women denies that this is about race. Robin starts bawling. Jacquese says he's just relating how he feels, and says that he has had experiences due to his race that the others don't share. He thinks that Jamie probably has similar experiences due to her Asian descent. I notice that Jamie doesn't hop up and offer any examples. Robin stands up and yells, "Were you raped by somebody that was white?" Huh? Is it wrong that I burst out laughing, just because it was such a non sequitur and also such a cliché? It didn't help that the music in this segment was totally inappropriate, in that it was kind of goofy, like, way to undercut a serious subject. Brad interviews that he feels bad for Robin. She sits back down and keeps crying. Everyone is just kind of like, "Whuh-huh? So if you were raped by a black man, that means you are allowed to hate all black people now?" Okay, maybe it was just me thinking that.

Robin is babbling incoherently about how Jacquese doesn't understand. He finally gives up on talking and pulls her into a hug. Aw, the language all races can understand. The language of gigantic knockers. Jacquese interviews that it hurts to hear that Robin was raped. The two of them walk outside to talk it over. Robin says that the guy at the bar reminded her of someone with whom she had a bad experience. Dude, she already said she was raped. Why is she all Miss Euphemism now? Jacquese says that he still doesn't want her to use the n-word in his presence. Robin says that the guy called her a bitch. Oh, so not the same thing. I get called a bitch at least once a day, usually by email. And those are just the ones from my husband! Kidding. Jacquese says that, as roommates, they have to respect each other's feelings. In a confessional, Jacquese says that he will forgive, but won't forget. Jacquese hugs Robin.

Jamie talks to Jacquese in the bathroom and says that he shouldn't feel alone, because she understands some of what he's going through. Jacquese says that he's never been in a situation where he has no control over what will happen. They hug. Man, Jacquese is getting a lot of action tonight.

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