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Human Race

Everyone goes to bed. Robin interviews that she's glad people forgive, but that she will never forget. Instead, she will try to learn from the situation.

The next morning, Robin wakes up Jacquese. He slept in his clothes, for some reason. They go outside and shoot hoops together. Robin interviews that she wants to show Jacquese what she is really like through actions instead of words. Jacquese teases Robin about doing cheers, so she does another one for him. It's horrible.

The Clique (Cameran, Brad, Robin, and Randy) talk about how they have all bonded, and how they should go in the hot tub that night. Randy says something about how they are missing three people. Cut to Frankie, Jamie, and Jacquese discussing their outcast status. Frankie interviews that they aren't outcasts, but that they are on the outskirts. Brad comes out, and Jamie tells him that they feel like outcasts. Brad says that they all feel like that. Frankie and Jamie wish that they could all just hang out together, and Brad agrees. Brad interviews that the clique thing has to stop. Cameran joins the outcast group. Jamie says that she can't change her ethnicity. Jamie interviews that she has often felt uncomfortable about her ethnicity. Jacquese says that no one has taken the time to know any of them. Cameran cries and says that she feels bad for labeling people, and that she knows that saying it's the way that she was raised is a cop-out. Cameran admits to Jacquese that she has told black jokes and used the n-word. I really thought she was going to keep going: "I have attended lynchings. I have marched with the KKK. I have owned slaves. But that was in the past! I love black people now! Ew, no! Not like that. Get off me!" Anyway, Cameran admits that she knows it's not right, and says she feels bad for her past actions. In a confessional, Cameran says she thinks she will leave with a new way of treating people, and not judging people. Jacquese gives a speech about how they are all people, and all want the same things in life.

Robin and Randy are in the hot tub. The other roommates, outcast included, join them. Randy interviews that they are all starting to bond. Robin says that it started with an ugly incident, but that it turned into a beautiful thing. Jacquese interviews that he knows Robin better, and that he likes her now. Robin tells Jacquese that she knows she's going to get shit for what happened, but that she's actually glad it happened that way. They clasp hands.

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