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Morning. Tree. Wind. Clouds. Sun. Tyler goes upstairs and asks the sleeping girls whether they're ready to go to the beach. Tyler camera-talks that he understands where Paula is coming from since he's been there, but he doesn't understand how she's treating other people (him). In-bed Paula picks her nails as Tyler apologizes for the crazy comment. He says, however, that he thought their friendship meant more that she would come at him like that. Paula then camera-talks that whatever she feels, if she doesn't vocalize it, it'll come out. She whines to Tyler, hair covering her face, that when she gets drunk she says "stuff" and she's sorry (then why is she yelling?), but she hates living in "this house," (again, you're at a hotel) where people say one thing but mean another. Or something. She's making no sense, obviously still drunk. Tyler puts his legs around her and forces a hug.

Tyler drives up in the FORD! and brings Svet and Paula to the beach.

Beach. Beach. Beach. Beach. Tyler rolls around. Now everyone is there. Big Frolicking Beach Montage with football and bikinis and wrestling, ending with Tyler getting completely knocked over by like the tiny Spinal Tap Stonehenge of waves. Hee! (I rewound it about ten times. It's all about the arm flails.) Paula and Zach sit and discuss the hurricane and how it's coming but is supposed to calm down.

Hotel. Paula talks to Keith, who the graphics now admit is her full-on "boyfriend," not "ex." Paula camera-scabs again that he's driving from Louisiana and in her head she's not thinking about the hurricane that he has to drive through.

Waves. Wind. Tree. Zach watches the TV in the lobby, which is ordering an evacuation of all "mobile homes." Heh. Zach loves weather, as he tells us he wants to "track" the storm. Zach would make a terrible storm chaser. His fro would be like a wind magnet. He'd be up in a tree before he had the chance to take a single reading.

Wind. Night. Tree. Wind. The kids sleep. Wind. Street. Trees. Sleeping kids.

Middle of the night. Waves! The hurricane is here! Broken windows in the hotel! Someone knocks on the door of their room yelling for them to get downstairs right now! They slowly get up. Zach voice-overs that he woke up to the security officer freaking out in the hall and yelling at them. We see pretty intense shots of a lower roof of another hotel structure being torn apart by the wind -- big sheets of metal ripping off and flying into the hotel pool. Yikes. It's dark, and the kids yell and Svet whines about not being able to find her shoes and Zach says that there is no time to brush their teeth. Ew.

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