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I Hate Matt

The group gets invited to some sort of Mardi Gras charity ball and gets all dressed up in their CRAZY clothes. In other words, they all borrow something of Tetanus Girl's, except WB. He wears all black because that is the most insane outfit he can think of. Dude, he's fascinating. Colin comes into the bathroom where Annoying is getting ready with Justin and Ruthie and asks when they will be ready to go. Annoying kind of gives him attitude, and then says in a voice-over that Colin is suddenly acting distant.

WB and Colin walk into the ball and Colin says he wants to go out with WB after the dinner. At the table, Colin is seated next to Annoying and he gets all pissy about it. Annoying finds out about Colin's plans and whispers, "You're not going out with me tonight?" and Colin says no. Annoying starts crying and runs out of the ballroom, while Colin says in a voice-over that she overreacts and exaggerates. One thing I noticed is that no one else at this ball is dressed like the Real World-ers. Do you think they felt dumb? Everyone else has normal clothes on.

Annoying and Colin are sitting out on the steps of the place where they had dinner talking. Colin asks why she's mad and Annoying says she's not mad, she's hurt because Colin is being standoffish and rude. Colin says he was frustrated by the lateness. Annoying says she thought they had plans and Colin says she's making too big of a deal out of it. Annoying starts crying again and Colin holds her. Annoying says she doesn't want to get hurt and Colin says HE won't hurt her. It's their relationship that she's afraid will hurt her. She's afraid that she will fall for him and he won't fall for her. I think that is possibly the lamest thing I've ever heard, and way to deflect the blame, dude.

Apparently they make up a bit and Annoying decides to just go home. She tells Colin she will kill him if he picks up any chicks tonight and he jokes around, asking if it's okay if he picks up one or two. Annoying gets in a cab and leaves. WB pipes up that Annoying needs Colin, or someone, around to give her comfort and support. Doesn't everyone?

Someone besides the dastardly trio gets to speak. Justin says that Colin is in over his head and doesn't know what to do. Tet Girl says that Annoying needs to have more confidence. (I agree.) Teck says that he wants to smack Annoying and tell her to quit chasing Colin because she looks like an idiot. (I kind of agree with that too.)

Colin and WB walk down the street and enter the All-Star Caf é. WB continues to instigate by telling Colin that he couldn't get a night alone if he wanted to. Colin says he could, but most of the time he likes sleeping with Annoying. Just once in a while, he'd like to be alone. WB adds, "Which will create a lot of unnecessary drama" and I say, "Dude, why don't you mind your own beeswax?" Colin says he wants to be nice to Annoying but then she gets too serious about him. He doesn't want to say it's over, but he wants to do stuff on his own. I'm thinking, "Hey, how about telling this to Amaya instead of Matt?"

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