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I Hate Matt

WB continues to bug me by saying, "You like your time with Amaya in the sack and when you're not in the sack, you're not so happy." Again, who says "in the sack"? I think the last time I heard that was on an episode of Three's Company. Colin says that's not true, and in an interview says that if he were the kind of guy who just slept with girls and didn't care, it would be easy for him to blow Annoying off. WB can't believe that a man could have a relationship with a woman involving sex and actually LIKE the person, because he asks Colin what it is about Annoying's personality that he truly loves and enjoys. Colin says he likes the person he is when he's with her. Hey, Colin? It's not about you. There are any number of answers you could've given to that question that were actually about Amaya.

WB continues his role as busybody when he says, "They both know that whatever they tell me will go directly to the other individual. I'm a peacemaker." Well, not quite "peacemaker." More like "buttinsky." Anyway, WB tells Colin that Annoying said he was the pursuer in the relationship, and Colin denies it. WB says, "So it's all her?" and Colin says "No, it's not ALL her, but I never pursued."

Annoying comes to the bunk that night and Colin says he wants to sleep alone. Not taking the hint, she comes in anyway to talk. Colin asks Annoying about the pursuing issue (without mentioning that it was WB who told him) and Annoying denies ever saying that. Colin says that if he wasn't there, Annoying would be in trouble because she doesn't have any girl friends to talk to or go out with. This is Annoying's cue to say "Fuck you" and go out on the town with Ruthie and Tet Girl or something, but instead she starts -- you guessed it -- crying again. She says that her relationship with Colin isn't just about friendship, that she really likes who he is and being with him. In an interview, Colin says living with someone you're dating is overbearing. Back in the bunk, Colin says he needs space. Instead of saying "Fine" and then going on her merry way to show him how much space she can give him, Annoying kind of cries a few more tears and says it sounds like he's ending it. She leaves and runs into the bathroom, where she might be throwing up, but it's not clear. As was not the case with Ruthie and Justin, we don't have the pleasure of hearing all the retching noises.

The next day (?), Annoying has an anxiety attack out on the beach because of Colin and her dad, and calls her mom, saying that she is having trouble with her heart again.

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