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I Hate Them All Already

We're back with Puck now who tells us that he's at the pinnacle of his bike-messengering career. He also has a lot of scabs which I really didn't want to see. So, according to Puck, bike messengers are "revered" in San Francisco. He adds, "A lot of people all over the world pretty much know who we are and what we do." Well, yeah. Most people know what garbage collectors do, too, but nobody's lining up to take that gig. I'm just sayin'. His comments are interspersed with shots of him endangering his life and the lives of others some more. Puck lets us know that messengering is pretty dangerous (it is) but he has "no fear." Whatever controls our fear responses resides in the brain, right? There might be a connection there. Puck corrects himself saying that the only thing he fears is a car door. And from the special bike-cam we get a shot of a car door opening at very close range and the bike-cam is knocked ass over teacup. Sirens roar. Ruh Roh. Here comes The Man.

Back on the train, high on cocaine. Well, not really, but I wish I had a little pick-me-up to get me through these Cory scenes. Cory and Pedro are playing cards and when Pedro cleans her clock Cory actually says, "Oh my goodness gracious." See what I mean? Shit, maybe I should just slide some of Bolivia's GNP over to Cory. Pedro shows Cory the crucifix that belonged to his mother. His sister gave it to him for his trip. Aw, how touching. Moving on to the inevitable discussion about sex and relationships Cory tells Pedro that the longest relationship she's ever been in lasted about eighteen months. I'm literally shocked that anyone could stand her for that long. Cory returns the favour, asking Pedro if he left a "girlfriend" behind. Pedro asks her to repeat herself and Cory cashes in her ticket on the Clue Express and sputters out, "Girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever." "Whatever"? What does that mean? Beloved sock puppet? So anyway, we get to the Big Moment When Pedro Tells His Roommate That He Has AIDS. Jesus God, I'm going to have to go through this five more times. In a confessional Cory describes her reaction: "It was just like. 'No, not him.' I like this guy and I don't want him to suffer." Oh well great news everyone! I have it on good authority that the only people who should suffer are those Cory doesn't like. I'm sure I'll sleep better at night now. In a voice-over, Pedro tells us that every time he tells someone he had AIDS it's as hard as the first time, and that he's worried about how his roommates will react. I'm just glad he doesn't know anything more about his roommates, because otherwise he might give himself an ulcer.

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