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I Love My Dead Dad

Cut to David saying, "We're going to Nepal!" as the roommates gather in the kitchen. Cue the general celebration set to ska music. David tries to climb on top of Lindsay. Then, he gets Rebecca on his shoulders and says, "Dude, I can't believe we're going to Nepal. Like, legit Nepal." I guess he got over the whole Kira thing pretty quickly, huh? Rebecca reveals that they are leaving in two weeks, and have to get their inoculations on Monday. Lindsay says that means they have to get a lot of shots, and Nathan says they'll need at least eight, although how he settled on that number is anyone's guess. Janet still doesn't understand the concept, and Stephen explains that they'll be doing things like rock-climbing and rafting, and Nathan adds that they'll be climbing Mt. Everest. Hold on there, Jon Krakauer. You'll hardly be climbing it. But I'm getting ahead of myself. In an interview, Janet says that she's starting to get nervous about what a "shmuck" she will look like doing these activities. Stephen foreshadows his feelings about Janet and make-up when he says, "Don't do your nails in the morning because they're going to look like crap by the end." He's smiling now, but for how long?

More outdoor nighttime shots, featuring Space Needle shots #45 and #46. Janet, Lindsay and Irene are going to meet Lindsay's brother, and Lindsay is very excited. She says it's "like a rock star thing" because "that's how much [she] loves [her] brother." Already, it's creepy. The Squiggly Font informs us that they have arrived at the Edgewater Hotel, and then in an interview, Lindsay tells us that she cried yesterday because she misses her brother, and she is not one to cry. Never mind that the interview could have been filmed weeks before, or after, her brother came to visit. We are meant to think it was filmed just before they left the house to meet him, so don't question it! The cameras aren't allowed in the hotel, so we see and hear Lindsay greeting her brother with cries of "Poull! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" Then we see a shot of Lindsay humping her brother's leg (I'm not kidding) while she kisses him, and as if that weren't creepy enough, Suicide Bill (who kills himself later in the season) is standing next to them. Lindsay takes time away from making out with her brother to introduce him to Irene and Janet. In a confessional, Lindsay says, "This kid is all I have in life." Then, Irene and Janet make small talk with Poull and Suicide Bill (who was never introduced, by the way, like B/M doesn't care about him until he kills himself; I feel totally justified in calling him Suicide Bill, since that's how they see him). Lindsay plays with her hair and wipes her nose about ten times. Make of that what you will. I'm sure she was just overcome with emotion.

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