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I Love My Dead Dad

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I Love My Dead Dad

Outdoor shots of Seattle. At Pier 70, Poull asks Lindsay if people call her "Puff Mama." Lindsay says they call her "Big Hair." Who calls her that? No one has ever called her that. Ever. And if they did, what a lame-ass nickname. Poull sits down and tells Janet that all he's heard about for months is her, and what a great friend she is. Janet peels the label from her beer bottle as she says, "God, she's the only one [in whom] I invest a half-assed effort. Without Linds, I'd be dead by now." Wow, I'm sure that made your other roommates feel just great. And I'm sure Lindsay, for that matter, was glad to hear that you only invest a "half-assed effort" in her. I hate Janet. Lindsay tries to save it by saying she "likes everyone in this house" but she doesn't "like everything about everyone in this house," just like they don't like everything about her. But she can invest a lot of time into Janet, and she thinks that means a lot. Janet just lights up another Marlboro Light.

Daytime at The End offices. Lindsay informs Janet that even though they "are all used to Aspen, which is fairly high, the altitude [in Nepal] is killer." Okay, Lindsay is from Colorado, so I guess she would be "used to Aspen," but why would anyone else be? I love these out-of-context conversations: they just make the roommates look like bigger idiots than they actually are. Janet says it's going to kill her. In an interview, Janet says she's heard that "people suffer from the altitude, like, all the time" and she's never been higher than, "like, seven thousand feet." She tells Lindsay that she's starting to get really worried about being sick the whole time. I've got one word for you, Janet: Nicorette. Get some. Trust me on this. Lindsay says that she's worried about "poo" and getting "the worst padoodles" because everyone gets them. Could she speak English, like, ever? Janet says, "So basically, we're gonna stink, our bums are gonna be on fire, our stomachs are gonna explode, I'll be vomiting from the altitude, but it'll be peaceful." In an interview, Lindsay says that all she is thinking about is how much time she's going to have to spend in the hospital after this vacation. Now that's the positive attitude I've come to know and love from this show! Hello? It's a free trip! FREE! Ingrates. Lindsay and Janet giggle about poo, and then Lindsay makes a weird little rabbit face for no apparent reason.

Daytime at Pier 70. Lindsay and Poull are sitting outside, as Poull plays an acoustic guitar. It sounds an awful lot like "Spoon Man" that he's playing. In a confessional, Lindsay says that being with her brother makes her feel the most comfortable with herself. Yeah, she loves her brother. A lot. We get it. Nathan is perched on a stump like a monkey. Poull finishes his song and Lindsay asks if it's "the new one [he] wrote," and he says it is. Nathan comments that it's "bad-ass." Yeah, because it was actually written by Soundgarden! It's totally "Spoon Man" with, like, one chord changed. Nathan asks to hear the song Poull wrote about his father because Nathan's father "passed away about the same time y'all's did." I don't even know how to spell "y'all's." Nathan goes on to say that his father was the coolest dad, and everyone wanted to spend the night at his house. Well, his dad must have been cool, because we know that Nathan couldn't have been the big draw. Poull says their dad was similar, and nobody ever knew he was sick. In an interview, Lindsay says her dad was "dying of cancer" and he was "still the president of his company" and no one knew that he was sick because he never showed it. Doesn't that seem kind of -- and pardon the term -- unhealthy? Then, Poull reveals that "it came as a surprise" (although it's unclear whether he's referring to his father's actual death, or just that he was sick in the first place) and that he came home and Lindsay told him the ambulance was just there. Their mother started crying and Poull "couldn't handle it" and "Lindsay took off." Lindsay voice-overs that she "put up this huge barrier -- HUGE!" and that no one could break it down. She wishes her father was still with her because "he meant everything to [her]." Have you ever seen a better candidate for massive therapy? I mean, I feel bad that her dad died and all, but come on. Poull sings the song about his dead father in a very nasal voice, and suddenly Janet is there, and the last line is "I've got to accept the memory of your smile." That will be important later on. Poull continues to strum the guitar as we look out over the water, which ripples like his memory, I guess.

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