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I Love My Dead Dad

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I Love My Dead Dad

The roommates are all in a temple for some sort of ceremony. Lindsay tells us that she is "so lost in [her] own world" that she's "not even paying attention to what other people are thinking." And this is different from every other episode this season how exactly? We see shots of Rebecca, Nathan and Stephen looking on.

A rooster crows, like, could there be a more overused cliché for sunrise? Do they even have roosters in Nepal? Rusty knocks on the door and wakes up the roommates. He is so Ned Flanders. He's all, "Rise and shine, happy campers!" and "The chopper will be a-warming up in the near future." Irene looks like she wants to smack him, and I don't blame her. I don't know what the time difference is between Seattle and Nepal, but I bet they are having some serious jet lag. The kids all grab their backpacks and head for the helicopter. In an interview, Lindsay says that she "never, ever, ever expected ever in [her] life that [she]'d take a helicopter to Mt. Everest, ever." I don't get what she's saying. Did she expect this or not? The helicopter takes off. In an interview, Lindsay says that all she can think is "Don't crash!" because if they crash in the mountains, they're all going to die. Hmm, I wonder if they crashed, especially since Lindsay interview that we just saw clearly did not take place on the helicopter, which would indicate that she survived. Wow, how suspenseful. Various scenic shots of the mountains, with the kids looking at them out the window.

The helicopter lands, and everyone deplanes (de-helicopters?). Janet is looking a little woozy. In an interview, Rebecca says that she stepped "into thin air" and that the altitude hits you, but the "endorphin high" carries you through. Nathan yells out, "Top of the world!" Shut up, Nathan. Rusty tells Rebecca that every time he has been there, he's seen a body taken out. Then we get a close-up of the cigarette in Janet's hand. Oh Lord. She could survive all of the hours-long plane flights without smoking, but she has to smoke on Mt. Everest? She should have listened to my Nicorette advice earlier. Or maybe she's afraid she'll gain weight because of the altitude or something. In an interview, Lindsay says that as soon as Janet started to light up, Lindsay said she should "cut back on those things" while they're up there. Who knew Lindsay would be the voice of reason? David walks slowly up the mountain, as we hear him say in voice-over, "The elevation hit me right away, and I was humbled once again." I like to see David humble. Doesn't happen very often. To add insult to injury, we see a Sherpa carrying, like, an entire house on his back while climbing. Janet struggles up the hill as Rusty says that the "altitude will slow you down." Then the lamest thing ever -- the camera pretends to be like Janet's POV, and wobbles and then falls to the ground. Like we were fooled for a minute, and thought we could actually see through Janet's eyes. We hear Rusty say, "Janet?" and then Rusty and a Sherpa catch her and place her on some packs. Everyone looks concerned as Rusty and the Sherpas (great band name, by the way) attend to Janet, saying that she's cold. Hey, maybe if she had worn a hat, she wouldn't get cold. Oh, but that might mess up her hair, so no dice. They show Lindsay walk away, so that you think she is freaking out like when her dad died, but in the next shot, she's standing right by Janet again. One of the Sherpas hugs Janet and the rest of them wrap coats around her and put a hat on her head. Finally, Janet wakes up, saying, "I'm fine, I'm fine" and laughing. In an interview, Janet says, "Losing that control, and not knowing what happened for the past five minutes, it scared me." Yeah, so she started buying Marlboro Ultra Lights instead of Marlboro Lights! Irene consoles Janet. In an interview, Lindsay says Janet "passed out on [her]" and that they kept hearing stories about people dying, and she just wanted Janet to "get better and then join us." Because it's all about what Lindsay wants.

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