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I Love My Dead Dad

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I Love My Dead Dad

The gang sits on top of a ridge and a Sherpa risks life and limb to take their picture. David voice-overs that "people talk about the connection between God and nature, and you can actually see that. How something so big, so powerful, and so awesome can be there, and how small you are." The scenery is pretty awe-inspiring, so I'll forgive David's flair for the dramatic. Better to be dramatic about this than Kira/Cara/Carol. An acoustic guitar strums as Janet voice-overs that she would "pass out every hour on the hour to see this." Lindsay walks alone as the guitar is revealed to be the sounds of Poull's dead dad song. Lindsay voice-overs that she's "not getting all spiritual" but she thinks if her father could see her, he'd be very proud. She thinks this is one of those times, he'd "let out that chuckle and just smile." Coincidentally, Poull sings "memory of your smile" right at that moment. Oh, those editors. They are so subtle. Meanwhile, Poull probably visited them like two weeks after they got back from Nepal, but that wouldn't fit in with Lindsay thinking about her dad on the mountaintop, so they had to juxtapose it all into one episode. Nice.

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