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I Smell Bacon

Robin goes back to the club, and Frankie is suddenly outside again. The hecklers are nowhere to be seen. Inside the club, Brad is drunkenly hooting and hollering. Frankie is drinking and kind of weaving around. The club manager walks up to Robin, who is seated at a table, and tells her that someone is waiting for her outside. Robin follows the manager outside, and is obviously drunk and confused, because she thinks Cameran is going to be out there waiting. Or Frankie. She keeps asking where her girlfriend is. Instead, there are two cops out there. One cop asks her what happened. Robin slurs that there was a guy acting very rude and she pushed him and told him to stop and get away. Which isn't what happened at all, and there were a lot of witnesses, so she might want to try telling the truth. The cop asks if Robin touched the guy besides what she has already described, because the guy has some scratches. Robin insists that she didn't give them to him. She shows how short her nails are, to indicate that she couldn't scratch anyone if she tried. Robin says that it's all on camera, and that they can rewind the tape. The cop says that Robin is under arrest for now. He cuffs her. Robin starts crying as she is led to the cop car. The cop puts her inside and doesn't even do that cool "protect the perp's head as she gets into the car" thing. The cops stay outside to take the victim's statement. Robin gets more and more upset in the back seat, and starts yelling that she didn't do anything. Then she does the fakest cry I've ever heard and says that she wants to go home. If all that happened was what we were shown, she might still be guilty of battery. But if the guy made up the second part of the story, he's kind of a loser. Although I wasn't that impressed with him to start out with, due to his "fake world" comment. If you're going to heckle, at least be witty about it.

As Robin sits in the back of the cop car, Brad and Randy walk out of the bar. They walk right by Robin, and have no idea. They're pissed about something. Brad interviews that they got thrown out by the bouncer. Brad says that he wants to go home. Robin's cop car pulls away, and none of her roommates have any idea that she just got arrested. Brad interviews that he was just trying to go home, and some of the crowd on the sidewalk started heckling him. I've never understood the desire to heckle Real World cast members in person. I prefer to do it on the internet. Brad starts yelling back to the crowd, and Randy tries to get him to shut up. Brad tells one guy that he has a receding hairline. Ooh! Below the belt! Maybe Brad should just whip out his penis now. Brad yells, "Sorry about your hairline!" Hee! That's so ridiculous that it's funny. A cop comes up and asks Brad and Randy if they have a ride to get anywhere. Randy says that they are getting a taxi right now. The cop tells them to get a cab right now, or they can go down to the police station. Brad and Randy both respectfully say that they understand.

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