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I Smell Bacon

Randy protests that they weren't doing anything wrong. Jacquese asks Frankie where Robin is. Frankie doesn't know. Jacquese asks where Jamie is, and Frankie looks confused, and then just says, "Robin." Jacquese starts laughing and says that Jamie is already home. They go sit outside, and Frankie keeps rubbing on Randy. Jacquese asks where Robin is, and now Frankie decides that Robin must be with another boy. Jacquese asks if Robin knows that Brad got arrested. Frankie nods yes, and Randy says there's no way she knows. Heh. Jacquese interviews that he's the only sober one in the house, and that he's trying to figure out what's going on.

Jamie and her pals walk up to the house. Apparently, they were fishing. At like 2:00 AM. I don't know. Jamie asks if they got kicked out of the bar. Randy takes the opportunity to repeat that Brad got arrested for no reason. Jamie's jaw drops, and she asks what's going on. She asks where Frankie and Robin are. Jacquese says that Frankie's home, and that Robin is still at the bar. Jamie asks why this night is so crazy. Randy answers that by babbling, "We weren't causing no sorts of trouble. We didn't step on nobody's toes. My man didn't do a thing." Jamie and her friends climb over some railing and head for the hills. This is the most bizarre episode, ever. Also, when Randy is drunk, he talks like Jason Mewes.

Cameran comes into the house, and Randy yells that Brad got arrested. Cameran starts laughing, and Randy says he was close to getting arrested too. Somebody (Frankie or Jamie?) says that this will definitely be an episode. Cameran asks where Brad is, and Randy decides that Brad is in the county jail. Cameran says that they need to bail him out. Good thing Cameran's around, because no one else would have thought of that. Jacquese tells Cameran that it's not that simple. Cameran asks where Robin is. Randy says that she's still at the club, and someone else yells that nobody knows where Robin is. Randy yells, "Brad is not a malivolint [sic] person." I think he meant "malevolent," but that's sure not what he said.

Jacquese tells Randy to go lie down, and that it'll be okay. Randy says that until Brad is free, he's not sleeping. Jacquese picks up on this and says that they should go on a hunger strike until Brad is freed. Jamie's pals start cracking up. Jacquese yells out, "Free Brad!" and pumps his fist in the air. Later, Jacquese comes into the living room, and we see he's taped a piece of paper to his shirt that says, "Free Brad." Jamie and her pals laugh and laugh. Jacquese and Cameran walk out to the deck. Jacquese has a forty, and he pours some over the railing and says it's for Brad. Cameran yells, "Free Brad!" and then tells Jacquese to pour out the whole thing. Jacquese says that Brad would kick her ass for pouring his beer out, and that they're going to give it to Brad when he comes home.

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