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I Smell Bacon

It's 1:45 AM. Jacquese, Frankie, and Randy are lying in a bed somewhere. Frankie is all snuggled up to Randy, who is babbling that civilization needs to start over. Jacquese interviews that he doesn't know what's going on, but that Frankie is a very affectionate person when she gets drunk. Randy mumbles and asks how much longer it will be until they can prove that Brad is innocent. Jacquese can't even understand what Randy just said, and starts laughing at him. Randy and Frankie are laughing too, although they don't know why. Randy tries to repeat his question, but it keeps coming out more and more garbled. Cameran interviews that Randy and Frankie are both drunk, and Frankie is stroking Randy's neck and whispering in his ear. Randy says that there's no reason for Brad to be arrested. Jacquese says that, seeing Randy's condition, there's no reason for Brad to be arrested and Randy to be free. Randy vows that they will all do whatever it takes to get Brad out, but he can't say it very forcefully, because Frankie picks that moment to start kissing his neck. Randy claims that they live in a police state as Frankie lifts up his shirt and starts rubbing his stomach and inching her hand toward his waistband. Jacquese interviews that Frankie has a boyfriend back home, and that he feels bad for the boyfriend. Randy claims that Brad is innocent, and "committed no crime...but living." Hee! The camera pans down to show that Randy totally has his hand on Frankie's ass.

Now it's 2:10 AM. Cameran is asleep. Frankie is passed out. Jacquese interviews that he's waiting for Brad to call so that they can find out where he is. Jacquese checks the voice mail, and there's a message from Brad. Brad's message says, "I'm in jail! Pick me up, bitch! [unintelligible]. I'm locked up, bitch! Let me out!" Jacquese starts laughing and listens to the message again. He falls down laughing and then lets Randy listen. Jacquese says that they have to go get him. Jacquese interviews that these are the six craziest people he's ever been around.

Randy walks downstairs and mumbles something about how Brad knows where he is. The phone rings. Jacquese picks it up, and it's Robin, and she's crying. Maybe that's legitimate, but her cry sounds really fake. Robin starts sobbing, and says that she's in jail and that she didn't do anything. Robin tries to explain what happened, but she's clearly still drunk, because she's not very coherent. Jacquese asks where she is, and Robin sobs that she doesn't know. Jacquese tries to get her to ask someone where she is, but Robin is distraught. She finally gets a name, but isn't sure of the pronunciation. She asks Jacquese to hurry and hangs up.

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