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I Smell Bacon

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I Smell Bacon

Jacquese calls back the main jail information line. Jamie walks in, and Jacquese tells her that Robin's in jail too. Jamie's jaw drops again. Randy has passed out. Jacquese talks to the jail information guy, who is really pleasant and has a nice phone manner, considering that he has a shitty job. Jacquese explains that he now has two people he's trying to find. The guy finds Robin's name in their database and explains that she's charged with battery, and that she'll be in custody until her court appearance. Jacquese asks if they can get her out. The guy says that Robin's bail is $8,000. Jacquese repeats that information for Jamie, who puts her head in her hands and asks what they're going to do. Well, whatever it is, we won't find out until the next episode!

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