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If a Man You've Never Met Before Suddenly Gives You Flowers…

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If a Man You've Never Met Before Suddenly Gives You Flowers...

Kurt is hanging out on the beach while Chris lifeguards. That's kind of annoying. Chris is, again ostensibly, working. To save lives. Kurt is bugging me already. In a confessional, Chris explains that Kurt is in town for five days, and Chris doesn't know where the relationship is going because it's long-distance. Chris is preparing to leave work, and explains that he has to go sign out. Kurt offers to walk up there with them, and Chris puts the kibosh on that idea, because he doesn't need a babysitter. Or a shadow. Or a mom. In an interview, Kyle says that Kurt is making it clear how much he likes Chris. Kurt gives Chris a smooch since he won't see him for the next five minutes.

Theo, CJP, Tonya, and Aneesa have to find a location for their mural. They find a good spot, and Theo has some sketches ready. In an interview, Theo says that he's excited to work with the kids and use his architectural skills at the same time. Theo adds that he can change kids' lives more easily than he can save someone's life. Theo shows his sketch to the others, and they all seem to like it quite a bit.

Kyle and Chris discuss how Kurt invited Chris to a dinner for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). In an interview, Chris explains that he wants all of his roommates' support. Chris explains it to Kyle, who asks why Chris didn't say anything about it before. Chris says that he didn't even know if he was going to go, because he didn't want to go with just Kurt. In an interview, Chris says that he's not looking for "a partner" right now. That's weird. I've never heard a gay person say "partner" unless they were trying to hide their sexual orientation. But what do I know? Kyle agrees to go to the dinner, and bring Keri. Chris seems really defensive about the whole thing, and kind of pissed off for some reason.

Theo asks Chris what the dinner is about. Chris explains that it's for "equal gay and lesbian rights." Theo replies that it makes sense for Chris and Aneesa to go. Yeah, because us straight people shouldn't care about the gays. The lesbians -- they're cool and sexy, but we don't need to go to any dinner for them. Unless it includes a floor show, if you know what I'm saying. Theo says that it's "not [his] kind of party." In an interview, Chris says that it's not just for gay issues -- it's about human rights in general. Of course, he doesn't actually say that to Theo. Instead, he explains it as "building a bridge between straight and gay." Theo thinks that a bridge is built in their house every day. Theo says that everyone else can go, and that's fine with him. Well, I'm sure that they are all relieved to have his permission.

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