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If a Man You've Never Met Before Suddenly Gives You Flowers…

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If a Man You've Never Met Before Suddenly Gives You Flowers...

In an interview, Theo says that if you're gay, he's not going to make fun of you, but he doesn't agree with it. This is what I don't get. What is there to agree or disagree with? It's not an opinion. I wish someone would tell Theo that they disagreed with being straight, and that they found it disgusting, and see what he said. Oh, I know what he would say, based on this next scene. Theo calls his dad, the preacher, and asks if homosexuality is a sin. His father confirms that it is, in fact, a sin. Theo's dad says that Theo doesn't have to go to the dinner. Well, Theo doesn't have to go to the dinner. And I don't know why Chris would want him to, because he's clearly not open-minded enough to get anything out of it. In an interview, Theo explains to us that God says homosexuality is a sin. Oh, does God say that? You know, I'm not even going to get started on this topic, because this recap will be a million pages long. I'll just say that people like Theo, who argue that the Bible tells them that homosexuality is wrong, and yet don't follow every other aspect of the Bible to the letter, really bother me. I noticed that Theo has a tattoo, and he shaves, and I'm willing to bet that he wears a poly-cotton blend once in a while, all things that the Bible prohibits. So he might want to start asking Daddy a few more questions. Theo explains to his father that he neither accepts nor condones "the gayness." Whatever. ["The Gayness is the title of my fourth album." -- Wing Chun]

Chris and Tonya sit in the hot tub and eat ice cream. Theo comes in and tells Chris that Kurt is on the phone. Theo looks at his watch, so I assume that they made some sort of house rule regarding length of phone calls after Tonya threw the glass. In an interview, Chris says that the more he tells Kurt he wants to slow things down, the harder Kurt pursues him. Chris stands, leaning over, buttocks offered forth to the camera, while talking on the phone. Kurt's phone voice is totally different than his non-phone voice. He just sounds a lot more...nelly. Theo stands and listens to the whole conversation, looking at his watch. Kurt wants to see more of Chris, and Chris puts him off. In an interview, Chris says that he's afraid that he'll like being with Kurt too much, so he pre-emptively pulls back. Or, Kurt's kind of annoying. Back in the hot tub, Tonya says that she would be creeped out if a guy behaved like Kurt. Chris says that he doesn't want to be tied down right now.

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