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If I Promise to Miss You, Will You Go Away?

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If I Promise to Miss You, Will You Go Away?

All of the roommates, including Tonya and Chris, arrive at dinner. Tonya has that mullet look, so now I think it was the result of having her hair up in a ponytail to work out, and then taking it down without showering or anything, so on top of everything else, she probably smells. CJP tells Tonya that she's disappointed, but that it's the last night, so she doesn't want to hold a grudge. In a confessional, Chris says that CJP got her feelings hurt, and he knows it was selfish to go to the gym, so he apologized. CJP accepts Chris's apology. Tonya says that she doesn't feel bad about it. In an interview, CJP says that Tonya just got defensive instead of apologizing.

CJP drags Aneesa into the bar to talk shit about Tonya. In an interview, Aneesa says that CJP is finally saying that she doesn't like Tonya, and no one says that you have to like everyone. Thank you! That's what I'm saying. If Tonya and Chris didn't want to go see CJP's shitty performance, they don't have to! They joined everyone for dinner. It would have been nice if they had told CJP earlier instead of leaving a message, but do you expect any less from these self-involved freaks at this point? CJP talks to Aneesa as if she's talking to Tonya, saying that she stayed in the hospital for four nights, even though she hates hospitals. Wow, CJP is so brave to say that right to Aneesa's face! Except not. I have nothing against shit-talking; in fact, I invite it. But don't do it, and then talk about how brave you are. To wit: in an interview, Kyle says that three months ago, CJP would have just pouted about Tonya and not enjoyed herself because she didn't want to disrupt things. Yeah, she's really grown. Instead of being nice to someone's face and thinking bad things in her head, now she's nice to someone's face and says bad things out loud to someone else.

Aneesa and CJP return to the table. CJP asks Tonya if she'll switch seats with Aneesa so that Tonya and CJP don't have to sit next to each other. Are you fucking kidding me? I haven't pulled that move since the seventh grade, and it was immature even then. Tonya, who I like for about two seconds, refuses to move. And then I notice that Tonya's sweater has fringe at the end of the sleeves, and it's pink, and I hate her all over again. In an interview, Tonya says CJP knows that making her feel rejected is the way to hurt her. Tonya tells CJP that CJP just wants to talk shit to Aneesa, and that she should stop acting like a child. CJP screws her face up like she can't believe Tonya would refuse, and says that she would really like it if Tonya would move. Tonya refuses again. In an interview, CJP says she knows it was a petty move, and immature. Tonya apologizes for missing CJP's "performance," but she won't move because of it. Then they cut in a few shots of everyone looking down at the table so it seems like everyone is uncomfortable. In an interview, Kyle says that "the new bad-ass" CJP didn't just sit there and take it. Yeah! She sure showed Tonya! By asking her to...switch seats. That's being assertive. Finally, Tonya does switch seats. In an interview, Tonya says that she decided to let CJP win, because she doesn't care anymore, and she's ready for this experience to be over. Kyle, that fucking hypocrite, reaches over and rubs Tonya's back, like he's so sensitive and supportive. Asshole.

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