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If I Strip For You, Will You Strip For Me?

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If I Strip For You, Will You Strip For Me?

Cut to David and his roommates at the NOA-TV studio. David is showing where he would put the "lighted runway." Julie and Matt look amused. In an interview, Julie says, "So, we're going to have all of David's hos come and dress all skank, and parade around, and it's supposed to be entertaining?" And I probably should laugh at that, but it kind of bugged me for some reason. I think it was the way she said it, and not what she said. Back in the studio, Julie asks if they can have guys model, too. David says he doesn't want guys. Julie points out that it will make her (and probably other women, and some men) uncomfortable to have just women showing themselves off. David refuses to listen to her and walks away saying, "I don't want guys." He can keep saying it, but it doesn't make it true. Okay, I really don't think David is gay, but it just seemed like too easy a joke to pass up. In an interview, Julie complains that David only wants to do things his way, but it's supposed to be "The Real Seven, not The Real David." In an interview, Melissa says, "Why can't there be guy models? Because it would take away from David's focus, which would be himself." Word. Elton lectures them all, saying that with so many people in front of the camera, it could break down and look chaotic (as opposed to their usual show, which I guess is completely under control). Elton says that the show needs to have "a flow," and I imagine David's ears perk up, because he's all about the flow. Elton concludes that everyone needs to know everything that is going to happen on the show at all times. The group starts to walk out. What the hell kind of pants is Danny wearing? I think he has his pajamas on. Julie hangs back in order to catch David and try to talk to him some more about the guy models. She asks if he understands where she is coming from, and he just says, "Whatever, dude," and totally walks away from her. To quote Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!" Julie makes a disgusted face and then walks away, mumbling, "I've never had this problem communicating with people." Well, except her dad.

Elton catches up with David, who is wandering around with a clipboard, pretending like he's not just ignoring Julie. Elton tells David he needs to be more open. David's response: "Fuck that." Nice. In an interview, David says, "Elton doesn't like my style of producing." Because it sucks! David thinks he can do it by himself. Elton tries to explain that David is going to need his roommates' help on the night of the show, and if he shuts them out now, they won't help him then. David never looks at Elton. Is this some sort of alpha male thing? Elton notices too, and asks David to look at him when he's talking. David turns his head in the right direction, but his eyes are roaming around the studio still. What is with him? Why can't he look anyone in the eye? Maybe because he knows he's full of crap. Elton says that "the trick to a good director is to get what you want, but have everyone buy into what you're doing." So basically, he's giving David a license to be self-centered. Although, frankly, it's the only thing that might work with David at this point.

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