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If I Strip For You, Will You Strip For Me?

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If I Strip For You, Will You Strip For Me?

Melissa and Matt are at The Red Room with Lionel, who's displaying his art. In a confessional, Matt tells us that he saw this girl named Brandy, who he really liked. We see Matt talking to Brandy, and she's smiling. It couldn't have anything to do with the cameras, though. Right? Right? Brandy is a beautiful black woman, and I only point that out because if you don't know that, some of Melissa's later comments aren't going to make any sense. In a totally different confessional than the one we just saw, Matt says that Brandy is "fun, interesting, smart, well-traveled." He got all of that from a two-minute conversation in a club? Melissa and Lionel watch Matt talking to Brandy. It looks like they might be making fun of him, but it's hard to say since we can't hear what they are saying. Then, we get to see Matt's mating ritual. First, he threatens to start flipping over tables. Then, he executes a spin maneuver with fingers pointing like guns. When the evening has come to end, Matt shakes Brandy's hand and says that he hopes to see her again. Okay, that's not terribly cheesy. But then he commits the biggest mistake -- he asks if she's going to visit his webpage. Oh, no. Oh, Matt. What are you doing? Brandy smiles and nods, but you can tell secretly she is thinking, "If I sign his guestbook, will I automatically get on camera again?" Or, she might be thinking, "What the hell is a guestbook?" I don't know.

Matt, Jamie, and Melissa walk out of the club. Jamie was there? This is the first we've seen of him. Matt is doing these bizarre spastic movements to indicate his joy, I guess. Melissa comments that he wanted some "chocolate in that milk." Later, Matt keeps saying, "Brandy is cool." Melissa notes that she is "gorgeous too." Matt just keeps repeating, "She is cool." I wish they would show more about why Matt likes her so much. I mean, is it just how pretty she is? Did he gain some insight into her soul during their conversation? I really am curious as to what Matt wants in a woman. I figured at the beginning of the season that he would find Julie to be the perfect mate, and he didn't, so I'm genuinely curious. The trio arrives home. Melissa is telling Danny and Julie about Matt jumping into "a pool of cute little brown girls." In the background, Jamie is hugging Julie. Remember last week, when he was in love with her? Yeah, it seems that storyline is irrelevant this week. Melissa jokes that Matt "dropped the three dubs." I'm guessing that's something Matt says a lot, but Danny doesn't get it -- it means that Matt gave out his site's URL. Get it? Because it's www-dot-something? Clearly, Matt didn't get the memo that it's even cooler to leave the www part out entirely. And how embarrassing that he's made up a phrase to describe his method of picking up women. Melissa explains about the whole "signing the guestbook" thing, and Danny giggles and leaves the room. We see Julie start playing with the computer on the desk -- this is important later. Danny asks what happens if the girl doesn't have a computer. Yeah! In an interview, Julie says that Matt is "totally smitten" and "twitter-pated." Matt does a goofy dance in the kitchen. I can only hope that he is watching this episode and cringing, and vowing to never dance again. NEVER!

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