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If I Strip For You, Will You Strip For Me?

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If I Strip For You, Will You Strip For Me?

Melissa and Julie are in the Yukon. Melissa is telling Julie about what happened to Matt and says, "Whoever did that is a mastermind, boy. It's wrong but it's funny." Julie starts giggling and admits that she did it. She makes Melissa swear not to tell Matt, and says she'll tell him when the time is right. In an interview, Melissa says Matt's "heart was broken. Julie ain't right." Then, she cackles evilly. Okay, it was mean, but it was pretty funny. Maybe Web Boy needs to develop a better method of tracking who really signs his guestbook.

David is on the phone with one of the strippers. Jamie tells us that David "networks with the strippers," but it's not working out. The woman on the phone explains to David how many women are and are not coming. In an interview, David says he is "mad nervous that this show will not pop off." David asks them to be ready by 4:00, and the women sort of agree. David gets off the phone and paces around the house. In an interview, he says that if this gets messed up, it's all his fault. Well, at least he acknowledges that.

Julie and Matt are painting chairs on the porch. Julie says that she hoped the joke would "bridge that gap that [they] have." That is a lame explanation. She should have just said she thought it was funny. In an interview, Matt says that Julie "screwed [him] over" and "made [him] look like a dork in front of a girl that [he likes]." I don't think he needed any help in the dork department. Julie says that she didn't mean to destroy his chances with "Brittany...or Brandy," and there wasn't any "malice" and she's not "a mean person." It was supposed to be "playful." Matt tries to say Julie wouldn't have done it...but Julie interrupts to say that she would have done it to anyone in the house. In an interview, Julie has been taken over by the scarf monster, as she says, "Dude, it was a joke. I'm sorry." In a confessional, Matt says that "she says it was a joke, but you wonder." What do you wonder? Am I supposed to think that Julie, who has seen more action than just about anyone in the house this season, is jealous because Matt is interested in other women? Whatever.

All of the strippers -- I mean, models -- walk into NOA-TV. In an interview, David says, "Dave has got it together." Who is this Dave he is referring to? The strippers get dressed. Melissa says she "will give David props on the set." It does look pretty nice. Lots of candles and...stuff. As David is talking to someone, a window that he had propped up somewhere falls and breaks. Well, better now than during the show. David shows Matt and Kelley how the show is going to work. In an interview, Matt says that they are the people who will be in front of the camera, live. Kelley explains in her own interview that they are also the ones who will look like idiots if it doesn't go right. Elton is huddled down in front of Kelley and Matt and asks if there is mention of price. Kelley and Matt kind of mumble, until Elton tells them that they shouldn't mention price, and then they're all, "Oh, no. No prices." David instructs the strippers to "give a lot of angles," and then demonstrates. Melissa gives Matt and Kelley the names of the strippers: "Tiger, Diana, Kauai, and Amanda." Amanda? What kind of stage name is Amanda?

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