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If I Strip For You, Will You Strip For Me?

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If I Strip For You, Will You Strip For Me?

David is driving with Matt and Julie in the Yukon. David says that his attitude that he can do anything "gets on people's nerves and pisses them off." In a confessional, David says that "no matter how extraordinarily brilliant a job" he does, he doesn't get credit. David goes on and on and on in the car. He is just babbling about how great he is. Julie says that it doesn't matter if he does a great job or a terrible job, they don't like "the arrogance that comes with that." David says that you've got to be confident. Julie says, "You can be confident and not be a jackass." Word. A shot of Matt reveals that there is a little kid in the back seat. It might be Jamie's friend from last week. Who knows? Matt and Julie say that they want to get to know David, and for him to know them. Didn't they already try this, and it didn't work? Julie says she has to devote "extraordinary amounts of energy" to talk to David for a short time. David says he's "always on the go," and they can't expect him to "stay stagnant." Julie asks if he can give her five minutes once in a while. David won't do it. Julie says, "That is why our relationship will stay where it is!" and gets out of the car and slams the door. I don't even know if they were at their destination or if she just got out in the middle of the street. David turns to Matt and says that when he talks to people, "everyone slams doors, or slams chairs." Maybe it's because you are incredibly frustrating? Take the hint!

Next week: Julie makes out with some guy named Jacob, and she says that pisses Matt off. The roommates have a meeting, and Jamie says it is about "why, David, you are an ass to everyone in the house." Whoa! I didn't see that one coming! I thought they had written him off. Yeah! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Over the credits, Matt and Kelley comment on another bathing suit, and then David comes out in a towel and flashes them. Just that clip makes me want to see their whole stripper show. It looks like it was pretty funny.

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