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In Bed with Jay

"The thing I like most about performing is right afterwards," says Jay in an interview, taking a shirtless curtain call and being hugged and congratulated by all of the housemates. Is it wrong of me to think that Jay actually looks good shirtless? I mean, from the way he walks around with his clothes on, you'd think he'd have acne all over his back and one of those sunken chests. And Sharon didn't screw up the lights, as Kat and Jay point out in interviews. "I'm going to take my kids to your movie," raves Mike. "'He might not remember me now, son, but I'll never forget him.'" "I still can't get any women," says Jay. "I've still got to go to bed with Mike tonight." No comment. Then Jay walks around and greets the adoring fans from whom he is unable to accept a compliment. One girl who is particularly desperate to get on TV compares Jay's play to the paintings of Kandinsky. Jay flees the house to "go get a big ole thing of pop" and as he walks out of the house, he voice-overs that he doesn't need to be a "prolific playwright," because he's happy "just performing." Oh well, that's good, Jay, because at the rate you're producing "plays," you just might be performing Bedrooms for the next several years. And no, Jay's father never shows up.

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